TheeBazaar – Affordable Solution to Take Any Business Online

Sophisticated software makes it easy to sell products and services.

Ahmedabad, India – April 26, 2016 – TheeBazaar is an inexpensive solution that will take any business online. The creators developed this E-commerce platform to help entrepreneurs sell their goods and services with little cost. Most electronic commerce, also known as EC, are too expensive for the average person to sell their product online due to the transactional fee structure that deducts from the seller’s earnings.Well, TheeBazaar will make it more affordable to build a profitable business on the Internet without breaking the bank. This is also an excellent way to create a cashless society that will help the economy. 

The creators believe that if the world converted to a cashless society through E-Commerce, the economy would improve significantly to bridge the gap between the income classes around the world. To promote a cashless economy, TheeBazaar team will build and give away 500 e-stores to deserving farmers and entrepreneurs every year. The stores will come with free localized technical support, built-in mass mailing software, with no limit to the amount of emails sent,and a dedicated digital marketing team to support the development of a profitable business. However, an initiative this big needs help from the community. This is why the creators launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise £50,000. Funds received will cover fees to manage multiple offices,further platformdevelopments and local marketing initiatives for the new online commerce platform. 

The company aims to digitize retailing and decrease the cash flow in the market to adopt a cashless society, which will improve the economy. Every year, the government spends a lot of money replacing and printing currency notes. With a large amount of cash failing to go back into the system, the large gap between the rich and poor continues to widen. 

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Company Name: TheeBazaar
Contact Person: Akshat Brahmbhatt
Phone: +91-9979263206
Country: India