Either sit or stand, Airwheel S8 intelligent personal transport balance scooter offers a special riding experience to riders

Except S6 electric scooter, Airwheel also released another multi-pose self-balancing scooter, S8 sitting-posture electric scooter. As we all know, attitude is everything. When it refers to Airwheel S8, it should be “Detail is everything.” The transporting experience by riding Airwheel S8 will be simple, convenient and comfortable.

Each of you may rack your brain to try something new for pursuing a new life, for example cooking various breakfast, buying fashionable clothes or mastering new knowledge etc. Do you ever think of changing your life-style through the daily commuting?

The answer must be YES. A good idea is to own a multi-pose self-balancing scooter, Airwheel S8. Reasonably rearranging your transporting means can improve the efficiency. The riding itself will not only makes your life with excitement but also can help you save more time to do the things you like. Plus, riders can either sit or stand to ride S8 electric walkcar.

 Airwheel Technology

Strictly speaking, S8 double-wheels electric scooter does not have great breakthroughs on the performance. However S8 won praises no matter it was in CeBIT 2016 or the Global Sources Electronics with its better design of details. S8 electric scooter with seat for adults adopts the 10-inch wheels. Comparing with the 8-inch tyres of S6 electric scooter, S8 electric walkcar has a powerful advantage over S6 when meeting various of road conditions. Besides, the pneumatic tyres of S8 have better road-holding ability than the solid tyres of S6. This will avoid slipping as far as possible.

two wheel electric walkcar

Airwheel S8 and S6 are different from several places but maybe it is not easy to identify them immediately from the tyres size or material. While the most obvious difference is the shape of operating rod. The shape of the operating rod of S8 two wheel electric walkcar looks like a big letter “C”. People who have seen it speak highly of the elegant and beautiful outlook. Meanwhile, the C-shape design also promote the controlling experience when making turns.

The key point is that the operating rod has 50mm’s flexible space for satisfying demand of riders with different statures. Exquisite and easy to carry, Airwheel S8 will definitely be the ideal option for you.

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