Limelancer is now re-innovating with all new service level in this year of 2016

Do you remember which actually launched at 2012? A site that offers small jobs for home and individual coders, designers and gigs? It was visible to all for few months and then went under the radar. Now the developers have announced the re-launch of the site in this year with even better features.

Truth is, the site was not properly monitored and well handled for lack of owners business.  The south Asia-based service from Bangladesh, Limelancer is owned by the same owner who was running at the middle of 2008 and was raised to a good level at 2010 to 2011, but due to  competitions and heavy fraudulent activities, the website did not made good progress later and had to stop service once for all.

In this year of 2016, Limelancer is re-innovating freelancing platform which allows the user to offer and find a variety of services such as logo designing, writing, journalism, video presentation, marketing and promotion among many others. The users can choose among hundreds of services defined in major categories such as Graphics and Animation, Programming and IT, Audio and Video, Marketing, Writing and Translation, Online Classes, Lifestyle and other miscellaneous services.

Limelancer enables the user to compare prices, delivery times, portfolios and recommendations of the seller so that the buyer can make the best decision as per their needs. The buyers can also message the seller directly to start a private conversation. The buyers are expected to provide elaborated information so that the sellers can deliver the results as per their expectations. All the payments are done through a secure gateway and kept safely on hold until the buyer confirms that they are satisfied with the seller’s work.

Limelancer is meant to provide a common platform for sellers and buyers to come together and mutually benefit from each other. They can share, interact and exchange services using this easy to use online platform. It also allows the buyer to exchange files and feedback with the seller using a built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller has to deliver the service in a specified period of time and they can also choose to define this time frame.

Once the buyer is happy with the service, they can mark the transaction complete after which Limelancer sends the payment to the seller. By leaving an honest feedback, the buyers can also help the other users make a better decision about that seller.

Limelancer provides a great opportunity for the users to turn their knowledge, skills, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income. Anyone from anywhere in the world can choose to offer a variety of services on the freelancing platform. The website is specially designed for students who seek an  extra source of income and those who prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. Th website offers security, privacy, and timely payments so that the user can make the most of it.

For getting started on Limelancer, the seller can post their services and it is advised to keep the service as specific as possible. Prompt communication also helps to get a number of buyers and better conversion rate. They can respond professionally to customer enquiries and requests for custom offers within a reasonable time.

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Company Name: Limelancer
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