Sushi Tokyo Invites Rabbi Shlomo Braun to Buffet Lunch

Rabbi Shlomo Braun was invited by Shneior Harel & Chaim Shmuel Lipsitz to a lavish lunch at one of their most elegant restaurants located on 626 Kings Highway in Brooklyn. In addition to Rabbi Shlomo Braun they also invited Officer Emanuel Almog of the US Customs and Immigration Services as well as Steven Matsas, Managing Editor of the Jewish Image Magazine to introduce their restaurant. Among the issues of discussion where the current events in the Middle East. Particularly was stressed the difficulties each Israeli citizen faces especially the special children who need care round-the-clock and their caregivers. Further discussion was weather the Jewish people are safer living in the USA or safer living in Israel. Every person at the table had a different point of view and a different answer. The lunch was concluded with a presentation of a Lifetime Membership Award presented to Chaim Shmuel & his partner Shneiorfor their outstanding support of Aleh.

Rabbi Shlomo Braun pointed out how encouraging it is that such young successful business people have already made a difference by supporting worthy charitable causes. He commended them and extended blessings that these young men continue shall succeed in business and be role models to other young entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps to donate generously to such worthy cases as ALEH. To inquire about how you can make a difference please call 800-317-ALEH or email

Sushi Toyo also serves the Jewish Community at 1360 Coney Island Avenue as well as 333 Central Avenue in Lawrence.

It all began on a snowy day, in Brooklyn…

The inspiration that led to the establishment was nothing more than the desire to introduce unsurpassed sushi to the kosher market. They have always felt that every restaurant should have something special that they want to share. Since the day they opened their doors, quality was their main focus. This has helped maintain their reputation as a high end kosher sushi restaurant. ​

The ambiance is one of a mix between takeout and quick dine-in. Their fine chefs offer a vast selection of delectable and unique sushi rolls that are guaranteed to please and indulge every customer, from the sushi novice, to the seasoned veteran. For more information visit their website at

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