Bio Skin Laser Introduces Customer-Friendly Laser Hair Removal Packages

Based out of New York, Bio Skin Laser is a professional clinic offering laser hair removal and varied other treatments. The company management and chief expert of procedures – Shani Vaynshenker, were recently at an event, where the team talked of their services in detail, along with the special packages and offers.

Bio Skin Laser is a known name in the field of FDA approved laser hair removal. The company has been operating in New York City with a focus on offering painless hair removal for people of all ages. At an event, the company’s honchos, medical team and chief laser expert Shani Vaynshenker discussed many aspects and concerns regarding laser treatments.

Shani Vaynshenker, who has more than a decade of experience in the field, started by talking about the advanced laser treatments, which is suited for any adult looking for easy and painless hair removal. She added that Bio Skin Laser has invested heavily in the infrastructure and equipment, offering services that and treatments that are at par with international laser clinics.

Taking questions from the press, she added that the hair removal services using laser is completed with the highest level of precision, but before that, the experts of the clinic like to discuss all aspects that are clients are concerned with. She also added that while laser treatment is effective for hair removal, the clinic maintains the fair policy of ensuring that clients are well known to the expected results and other expectations.

The marketing head of Bio Skin Laser added that the clinic is now offering customized packages for many of their services, which can be planned with the client, depending on the treatment. She added that depending on hair growth and other factors, more than one hair removal session may be needed, which is why the focus is to cater optimally to the clients with a focus on their needs. The management also assured that the clinic will not charge for the first consultation, if the client choses to opt for the service.

Bio Skin Laser management also introduced their team of experts and staff, headed by Shani Vaynshenker, who will take the best possible steps to ensure comfort, care and attention for the staff. The marketing head also added that the clinic intends to be the best name in laser treatment services in NYC, and for the same, they are willing to ensure the best levels of client satisfaction.

About Bio Skin Laser

Bio Skin Laser is a professional clinic in NYC, offering hair removal services and laser treatments. The clinic is among the best budding names in business and is known for their amazing customer friendly attitude. They have recently introduced customized packages for clients, with includes a lot of benefits. They also offer their treatment facilities for all kinds of areas, and the pricing is done in line with the sessions. The clinic is headed by Shani Vaynshenker, who has 10 years of experience in aesthetics and cosmetic treatments. Bio Skin Laser also offers Venus Legacy, Venus Freeze, V Shape laser, Skin Resurfacing, Scar reduction, Radio Frequency and Skin Tightening. 

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