Reflective Vest Manufacturer Advises Safety First Approach to Beginner Runners Who Take Up Exercise Due to Summer Olympic Effect

Anyone Starting Exercise in Proximity to Vehicles such as Walkers, Cyclists and Runners Need To Be Aware

2016 is an Olympic year with this years games are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Every year that see the Olympics take place also sees a phenomenon that is known as the “Olympic Effect” with the events taking place in Rio inspiring thousands of people to emulate their countrymen and take up some form of exercise. For many this can be a short lived experience and statistically the effect of exercising on the general population over the longer period does not alter substantially. But, for a short period before, during and after a summer Olympics there is a definite surge in activity from populations around the globe to get out there and do a little extra exercise.

Reflective safety vest manufacturer GlowGuard today issued some pre-emptive advice to new runners, joggers, cyclists and walkers asking them to be careful and put safety first before embarking on a new exercise regime. They highlighted the need for people who have been inactive for a long period of time to consult a medical practitioner before starting out on any strenuous exercise regime. They also stressed the need for all beginners to assess the risks of where they exercise and take the necessary precautions when it comes to exercising in proximity to vehicles whether it is road running, jogging, cycling or just walking the neighbourhood with the family dog.

A spokesperson for GlowGuard explained further, “Olympic year is always an exciting time. Traditionally we see a lot of beginners getting inspired by their heroes on the track and in the Velodrome and a lot of people want to get out there and start running or cycling. Of course when you are starting an exercise regime you need to do a little planning and we just wanted to get the message out there that a safety first approach to any form of exercise is a sensible way to start. Safety in the form of medical advice and also safety in the form of being safe when you are actually exercising.”

She continued, “As a manufacturer of safety wear, we are of course too aware of the risks that can cause accidents for people who are just out trying to get some exercise. The #1 risk after medical injury is visibility. Most forms of exercise outside of the home takes place in close proximity to vehicles and visibility is by far the biggest cause of accidents. So our message is simple:

Be medically informed, be highly visible and lastly, ENJOY!

The GlowGuard reflective safety vest is made from a highly visible yellow mesh of 3M Scotchlite material to provide 360-degree visibility when worn. The vest is a one size fits all adjustable design able to be worn over loose clothing to provide high visibility at long distances for men, women and children when they are running, walking, cycling, jogging or working in close proximity to vehicles. Additional benefits of the GlowGuard safety vest include an additional pair of reflective strips that can be adapted to be worn as wristbands or around the ankles for increased safety. The vest includes an integral zipped pocket large enough to fit valuables as well as an iPhone 6S or equivalent Android Galaxy S6.

The GlowGuard Reflective Safety Vest is available exclusively for purchase on Amazon USA. For a limited period, the vest will be available to purchase at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


GlowGuard is the manufacturer and sole distributor of GlowGuard reflective safety Vest. The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at

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