Making Today’s Business Technology Easy

After surveying 357 different business owners via LinkedIn we discovered that one of the biggest challenges that small to medium-sized business owners faced were problems implementing technology-based strategies. These technology-based strategies ranged anywhere from building their websites to managing their databases to marketing and to assisting their clients in more efficient ways.

Technologies are the product of software applications, skills, methods and processes found in the production of services or goods or perhaps in successfully achieving objectives, like business research. Technology actually makes life easier and successfully achieving tasks faster. Skills and knowledge are required in order to use technology and software in your business and to make your business easier and more profitable.

From a business perspective why would you spend time doing something you aren’t great at when it’s possible to hire a professional? When you hire a professional, both their knowledge and skills can be leveraged as they present valuable options based on their experience and their expertise gained from implementing other projects much like yours.

In order to get the most out of your business, it is of the utmost importance to have a technology plan. Technology planning is an activity that helps businesses understand clearly where they are now and plan where they see their business going both short term and long term. 

To sit down with a competent professional who can clearly guide you through a discovery process can prove to be invaluable. Working with a professional in this manner will allow you to see things from different perspectives and look at options that you don’t currently have. What if you already have an IT team? You may also want an outside 3rd party to audit or evaluate your current plan to get a different perspective.

The purpose of technology planning is not only to produce a plan, but to generate continuous action that brings about and maintains a technology-rich environment that benefits you and your team. The planning document should contain, how best to evaluate the existing condition of technology and future needs, how should we offer ongoing evaluation and assessment, how frequently should planning be made and what else could you discover in regards to the potential within your ability to expand?

One aspect of technology planning could revolve around your website because in most cases your website should not only be a well put together presentation about your business but your website should lead people through a sales process, or a way to get to know what you do, how you do it and the opportunity to make a purchase or speak with somebody at your company all while gathering their information.

Technology can maximize business efficiency, enable faster processing of information, easier retrieval of information, and in some cases automation is effective in reducing or replacing ineffective processes. When we perform tasks manually, it could be time-consuming and filled with human errors. When technologies are used for repetitive operations, mistakes are reduced or eliminated and the time it takes to complete the work is cut down tremendously.

All of this can be brought together with the right software and flow process. A few clicks of the mouse enables you to pull up an individual file from a database and what used to take several minutes to an hour is now done instantly. When you’re conscious of what technology is able to do for your business, chances are you will desire to implement technological ways to help make your own company and your team more efficient.

Choosing the right technology and software for your particular processes and requirements can be challenging because there are often multiple software’s claiming to do the same job and they look similar but choosing the one that is right for you can be hard and this is where finding the IT team can prove invaluable.

This is where Jason Baudendistel and his team at is able to assist you to look at things like your website design, website security, protection of customer details, customer acquisition, building apps and overall put together a plan suited for your needs.

Why should you not leverage technology for much better marketing reach? Enjoy greater productivity and less downtime, which means more work time. Concentrate on your business technology and see how this can allow your company to go to the next level whatever that means for you. Technology can result in better marketing and faster sales.

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