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Company Head of Sales and Marketing Will Talk About How the TRACE ME Luggage Tracker Brings Peace of Mind to Air Travel.
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Los Angeles, CA – April 28, 2016 – Lost luggage is just one awful reality that you have to deal with when you travel. Though lost luggage is not the end of your trip, it is unpleasant and makes it difficult for you to enjoy the rest of your trip. Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® highlights TRACE ME Luggage Tracker, a smart, efficient and easy way to make sure that your luggage makes it back in your hands when you land.

During this feature story, Nick Preston, Head of Sales and Marketing for TRACE ME Luggage Tracker, discusses the use of a simple, secure, smart bag tag to help protect your bag from getting lost while traveling.

TRACE ME is a UK-based research and development company. They specialize in protecting property and possessions from loss by applying tracing technology. The TRACE ME Luggage Tracker is a new bag tracking solution which is integrated into the SITA WorldTracer bag management system used by the vast majority of airlines and airports around the world.

Preston discusses the panic, disbelief and frustration travelers face when their luggage goes missing and how TRACE ME Luggage Tracker helps fix this problem effectively, simply and securely. He explains that TRACE ME is a simple tag with a unique serial number that’s integrated into the airline’s bag management system. Customers simply register their tag, including their contact details, on the TRACE ME website and attach that tag to their bag. Then, both the airline and TRACE ME can track their bag at any time. No batteries, no moving parts and no need to publicize personal details.

JL Haber, Vice President of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is proud to feature TRACE ME Luggage Tracker. He says, “TRACE ME knows the power of simple solutions that change the world. With their revolutionary Luggage Tracker, they have done just that. It’s the smart way to travel. We couldn’t be happier to feature representatives from TRACE ME on our show.”

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