Educators Elias and Lianna Berlinger Reveal Unique Children Music Teaching Methods

After developing new strategies for teaching music to preschool students in the classroom, educators Elias and Lianna Berlinger have released a book with their system for parents to teach music to children at home.  They are both certified Child Development instructors, as well as musicians.  Combined the pair teach over 200 students each week and the program serves over 500 students per week. The book is designed for children age two to six, and teaches while entertaining.

Little Music Masters Reading Music Book 1: Meet the Notes uses a vibrant picture book style filled with characters, stories, games and an included narration to bring children into a world of music. Using this platform allows children to connect with musical topics in new and fresh ways.

“We have learned that if you bring children into a world of music by engaging their attention, they will grasp concepts that are otherwise difficult. Preschool children really do connect and learn this way,” says Elias Berlinger.

“Kids are engaged when they see beautiful artwork, bold, rich colors and when they connect with characters and stories. We’ve used this method to teach our students for many years. We wanted to offer this to parents at home as well as other classroom teachers,” states Berlinger.

The book’s illustrator is Maryana Kachmar, an artist and mother from the Ukraine. “Her vibrant take on the artwork makes the stories come alive, she was a dream to work with,” says Lianna Berlinger. “She captured the essence of the stories and what is being taught on every page.”

Elias and Lianna are parents to a son Jay and are soon to release a children’s music album, which will be accompanied by a lyric picture book featuring Maryana Kachmar’s illustrations. In addition there is a series of Little Music Masters books in the works, each one emphasizing a different musical concept.


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