Exite Live Game Offers Now Live Gaming Experience through Escape Rooms in Helsinki

Exite Live Game is a Finnish company that has aimed to take live gaming to an altogether different level. Recently, the company announced that its escape rooms for real life gaming are now available for advance booking.

Exite Live Game, a Finnish born company that offer virtual gaming experience to children and adults alike, recently announced that their escape rooms in Helsinki are now open and people can pre-book their gaming sessions through their website. The owners said that physical adventure games have become quite popular in Finland and in the whole of Europe and that they want to make these games as much popular possible.

“Getting locked up in a room and then finding your way out by solving puzzles can be quite exciting. For example, in the airplane model escape room that we offer, gamers need to communicate with each other and brainstorm to free the imagined airplane and its passengers from the hijackers. It’s a completely new virtual gaming experience that real life gaming enthusiasts would love to explore, we believe,” said a team member of Exite Live Game.

“People who do not want to get the thrill that comes with the airplane room can go for the other one – the four elements room. In this room, gamers need to solve the puzzles of soil, water, earth and air to get out of the room. Escape rooms have gained tremendous popularity all over the world and people who want to be a part of the excitement and madness can become a part of it by booking slots through our website,” she added.

Exite Live Game now also offers escape rooms for team building and leadership development sessions held by corporate clients. The owners added that their rooms are all decorated by themselves and the rooms are quite unique compared to the rooms in other parts of Europe.

“Our rooms are designed keeping in mind the birthday parties, bachelor parties and team building sessions. Anyone who wish to break free from the monotony of life and escape into the world of puzzles for some time, we have created a whole fantasy world for them, tangible but unreal and designed but realistic,” said the CEO of Exite Live Game during a press conference held here in Helsinki.

About the Company

Exite Live Game is a Finland based live gaming company.

To know more, visit http://www.exite.fi/

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