Southwest Specialty Products – Can Safes has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

Hide it in Plain Sight with our full line of licensed products.
From food containers, car/motorcycle products, feminine and masculine containers and many of your household supplies, we have licensed these products from the manufacturers and are now full functioning safes. Just screw off the bottom, or lock it with a key, no one will know where your valuables are hidden.

Where are your valuables hidden? At the bottom of the drawer, under your favorite sweater in the closet, or behind a book on the shelf. Our licensed and Trade Marked  line of products will enable you to feel safe and secure with your assets in sight, but out of sight. Put your money or jewels in a Del Monte food can in the pantry, stash your cash in a can of GUNK or JB  Automotive  products, or place that hairbrush right in front in your bathroom and no one would guess your precious jewels are tucked inside.

Our history of can safes goes back over 25 years, when we found a niche for people who needed to hide their valuables in their home life.  We have developed the process for turning Trademarked goods and products into storage containers for retailers, specialty catalog houses, and independent hardware and gift shops. In the movie “Jurassic Park” and the HBO series “Sopranos” both used our diversions safes to demonstrate their usefulness.

We originally started our business in Arizona and have just moved to California about 2 years ago. Since then, we have been ramping up our product line, our on-line presence, adding new and better made products, and are now selling across American, Canada, Australia, and Europe

Our line of trademarked products include Diversion Safes™, Can Safes™, Book Safes™, Stash Stones™ and Flower Pot Safes™.   Our most popular licensed brands are 3M, Del Monte, GUNK, Justice Brothers, Heinz, Barbasol, Scotch Gard, Liquid Wrench and Ajax.

As you will see from our website,  our products are broad in nature and widely used.

Some of our other more popular products consist of a Closet Safe Light, a Wall Clock, Coffee Mugs, Garden Rocks, a  Book Safe with a lock and key, Hair Brushes and Spray Bottles. What’s coming up next you ask…

Coming soon from our product development department, will be our new candle that will light up any room, yet hide your important papers right in front of your guests. The candles will be in 3 or 4 colors that will add to the décor of any room. We will also be adding a Thermometer safe, a grass sprinkler safe that will never be noticed in your yard and a magnetic key holder.

All our products are reasonably priced so you can purchase one for the car, the home, the garage or a gift for a friend. Oh, and that rock in the garden, who would ever believe it’s hiding your riches!

Remember, “HIDE IT IN PLAIN SIGHT” is our motto and we stand by it.

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