Burning Man Group Campaigning to Strengthen Organizational Mail System

It may come as a surprise to thousands of Burning Man participants that there is an unofficial, volunteer Postal Service branch in Black Rock City, known as the Playa Postal Union. This unique and important service which is powered by a partnership between BRC3PO and PO9, allows participants to send mail to and from this important event and the related organizations. In an effort to support the postal service as well as other important Burning Man services like Airport, Shuttle Bus, Lamp Lighters and Greeters, the Burners community has launched a campaign to send 70,000 postcards to people throughout the world.

While most communities have de-emphasized traditional mail, the Burning Man community recognizes that the postal system remains a powerful way to communicate in a personal way. Each of the 70,000 postcards will be handcrafted and will help raise awareness of important events and projects in the Burner community. This enormous project will be a massive undertaking for the playa community; if stacked, the entire number of cards would be 93 feet tall or if laid side by side, they would stretch 6.63 miles.  These cards will be made available with postage to any participant so that they can send it to any person in the world.

In order to help make the ambitious project a reality, several Burners have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in the hopes of raising $20,149.  This is a flexible funding campaign, so whatever amount is raised will go towards purchasing stamps for as many postcards as possible. The Playa Postal Union is also asking for volunteers to donate stamps, create their own postcards, help deliver mail, and spread the word by sending mail to other Burners. In addition to earning the gratitude of the Burner community, donations may also merit perks like postcards, free on-site phone calls, and logo marketing.  To learn more about the Playa Postal Union or to make a donation to this important project, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-postcard-for-every-participant.

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Company Name: A Postcard for Every Participant
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