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A large number of businesses and homeowners are using obsolete security cameras that are unable to produce a clear image of a potential intruder or a crime that has been committed.

With the rise of home burglaries and commercial crime, home security and business security has become an important issue. Research has found that many businesses and homeowners are using outdated security equipment that is not a real deterrent while some systems would not be able to produce a clear image for police to make an arrest. Online Camera Shop (, stock all the latest security camera systems at affordable prices to help cut down on crime.

The leading online security camera shop sells a whole range of security cameras and equipment, which include AHD CCTV, HDCVI, IP camera, Starlight Camera, SDI CCTV HD security cameras, Spy cameras, CCTV transmission solutions, and Wireless CCTV camera. All equipment comes with a long warranty and is dispatched within 48 hours of ordering.

A spokesman for Online Camera Shop said: “We aim to keep our prices low to offer our customers the best security deals available online. All of our security cameras come with a full warranty, and we are available for free help and advice when needed.”

In 2014 there were 8,277,829 property crimes (burglaries, larceny-thefts, and motor vehicle thefts) according to the FBI, with a financial loss of $14.3 billion. However, there were only 1,553,980 arrests made for property crimes, which police officials said could have been increased with the use of security equipment and updated security cameras.

One of the big failures for an arrest, when a home has been burgled, is the low-quality image police pull off the security camera that is in place. If the police do manage to make an arrest, a lot of the times the culprit is released without charge due to the legal representation arguing the image could be of anyone. That is why security experts advise anyone who has outdated security cameras to seek new equipment and provide better protection for their home and business.

The Online Camera Shop has become one of the most recommended suppliers of security cameras for businesses, homeowners and security camera installation experts. They provide all the latest models at affordable prices with quick delivery.

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