Happiness is away from traffic jam by riding Airwheel Z3 intelligent power walk car

What is happiness? Happiness is a family reunion after years; happiness is waking up alongside the love of your life; happiness is microwaved popcorn; happiness is a fresh new haircut; happiness is standing on a balcony sipping tea; happiness is eating…

While in Elsa’s eyes, happiness is away from traffic jam by riding her lovely electric scooter, Airwheel Z3. In working days, she cannot avoid the rushing hours as an office lady. Elsa rides Z3 to arrive bus station or subway station without the bother of traffic congestion. In weekends, she also cannot avoid the crowded places if she wants to go out for entertainment. Elsa rides Z3 to walk dogs, stroll in the parks or go shopping.

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As the best option of replacing walking, riding Z3 2 wheels scooter will let any trip fluently and smoothly. Elsa is slim but she can lift this scooter with the dimension of 752mm×371mm×974mm. So it looks like very small and exquisite. There is no problem to ride it in the city roads as the distance between the ground and the pedals is 140mm. While she also mentions that this mini scooter can load maximum 100kg. Her boyfriend is a muscle man, strong and tall. After trying, her boyfriend can ride this mini electric scooter.

As the most convenient vehicle, Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter can be carried wherever you want to go. Now Elsa can easily fold this scooter. Firstly she lowers and folds the operating arm; secondly, she folds the pedals; thirdly she folds the connection part between the front wheels and the pedals. Finally an exquisite electric scooter turns to be a very small gadget. Carrying it into the bus or subway and placing it into the trunk is so easy. In a word, no worries for parking.

As the product of high-tech development, Z3 electric scooter has its own riding APP. The riding data is not shown on the screen since there is no screen installed in Z3. However riders can clearly see all the riding data shown on the APP of the mobile phone. Fashionable and unique, Airwheel Z3 makes riding full of fun and happiness.

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