Chunho Food Cornus Fruit Juice Really Good for Men


[Type of product] Food Preparation (Herbal Health Food) 

[Weight] 80 mL × 60 packs (4.8L)

[Ingredients] Cornus fruit extract 86.5% (Brix 6% over, Korea), Honey (Korea), Rubi fructus concentrate (Brix 60% over, Taiwan), Zinc oxide, Vitamin B1, Stevioside

Dose and method

Daily intake of 2~3 times, with a pack for either before or after a meal.
Depending on preferences, serve it cold or hot for better taste.

Characteristic of the Product

Fortified with rubus coreanus extract, zinc oxide, and vitamin B1 
Because it grows in a high quality environment, the pulp is plump and only domestic dogwood for its strong acidic taste is used. It is a product with active ingredients extracted at high tech facilities that help with active lifestyles.


1. Cornus fruit?
It is a representative tree announcing the arrival of spring that grows well in a sunny area and has a characteristic of not being able to withstand too much pollution. Also the fruit is an oval stone-fruit which is green at first and ripens red around August to October. It has a slight sweet taste with bitter and a strong acidic taste.
• Hyangyakjipseongbang
– It warms your organs, kills the parasites in your belly and increases sexual function and stamina. It reduces urine amount and makes your organs comfortable. Long-time intake makes your body feel light and strong and eyes bright. 
– It heals all kinds of nervous disorders and qi (vital energy)-related diseases, warms your legs and knees and invigorates your kidney. 
• Yakseongnon
– It is effective for headache, profuse menstruation, tinnitus or sore skin, increase in sexual functions and nourishment for kidney, semen and bone-marrow. 
• Hyangyakdaesajun
– It invigorates your liver and kidney, makes male energy subside and heals absent-mindedness. It also heals involuntary emission of semen, urinary frequency and diarrhea for long time. 
• Donguiyankhak
– It heals coldness and sore pain of knee caused by waist pain, urinary frequency, dizziness, impotence, hearing difficulty and profuse perspiration. 
• Donguibogam
– It warms and replenishes kidney with vital energy.
– It has superior effects in maintaining stamina by making male semen sufficient and is also effective for pain and coldness of waist and knee.
– It promotes blood circulation and enhances erection, nurses your energy, inhibits fatigue and balances yin and yang (negative and positive) of mind and body. 
– It has no side effects in spite of long-time intake. Although toxicity or side effect is not known, its seed should be excluded because it carries sperms to outside. (Only fruit will be used for medicine, except its seed.)
2. Zinc oxide, an essential trace element of life: It is a trace element that is essential to cell growth, maturation of reproductive functions, and the immune system. There is about 1.5-2.5grams within the body. Around 60% of it is within the muscles and the rest is dispersed throughout areas like the skeletal frame.

Who needs to intake?

• People adults who want to get help for maintaining vitality
• People adults who needs to be recovered from everyday fatigue 
• Office workers tired from overworking, drinking alcohol or smoking
• Individuals who want to be energetic and self-confident
• People who want to Increase of immunity


1. Keep in a cool place or a refrigerator away from direct sunlight.
2. It may have distinct fragrance and subsidence, but they do not mean anything wrong with the product. Also, shake and drink it before you drink.
3. It may vary in flavor and color depending on its country of origin, growth environment and harvesting time 
4. Do not use the product in a dilated or deformed container
5. After opening, be careful not to swallow the separate cap or to be out of reach of children.
6. Store the product left after drinking in a refrigerator or drink it up as soon as possible.
7. Extra-sensitive reactions may appear in those who have certain diseases or sensitive or allergy-prone systems and/or are under treatment for illnesses. Must check ingredients for compatibility before taking the product.

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