Most Exclusive Magic Show, MAGIA® To Arrive At Las Vegas This May

Most exclusive and awaited magic show, MAGIA® by award-winning magician David Gatti is about to arrive in Las Vegas on May 7 with the promise of an exclusive up close and personal magic experience.

Las Vegas, NV – May 2, 2016 – The exclusive magic show MAGIA® is announced to arrive in Las Vegas in the coming month. Conjured by world-renowned magician David Gatti, the show promises an exclusive up-close magical experience like no other.

The adult-only show is scheduled to arrive on May 7 and will be hosted every Saturday. It will be housed at Trump international Hotel’s majestic Penthouse overlooking the glorious Las Vegas. A private elevator would be waiting for the guests to escort them to the Penthouse as they reach the hotel.

“Have you ever wished to witness the magic so close that you can actually touch it? Well, it’s no fantasy anymore as for the first time in Vegas, our exclusive MAGIA® by magic master David Gatti offers that unmatched opportunity for you, sweeping you to the wonderland of the magic realm with his irresistible Italian charm, unmistakable accent, elegant humor and incredible sleight of hands. Unlike any other magic show out there it promises a whole new magic experience in a lavish ambiance that would leave you in awe and wonder,” stated director Francesco Tesei announcing the arrival of the state of the art show in Las Vegas.

An award winning magician, Gatti is an Italian by birth who has been hooked to illusion and wizardry since childhood. Over an illustrious career of 2 decades, the state-of-the-art magician has mesmerized many with his incredible and unique talents through several Euro TV shows and Satellite programs. He has performed in more than 50 countries across 4 continents.

From appearing on the stage from just nowhere to cutting models in half, too fast metamorphosis into cars or even airplanes! Gatti has performed almost every trick in the illusion book and more. But lately, he has a somewhat different goal looking to display the finest and smartest of the modern magic through his exclusive show MAGIA®. It’s his new stylistic choice that will enable him to take magic a step closer to the audience with an up-close and personal view, something which is not possible with formal big stage events with a larger audience. A limited list of guests means intimate experiences of great pure magic.

“MAGIA®, my newest one, is all about enhancing my bonds with the spectators to build up a more enduring and stronger camaraderie with them. The spectators here won’t be mere spectators but my ‘Special Guests’ and will even play roles in my magic. It’s all about making the experience more special, more exciting and more personal and unforgettable. It’s not just the new magic show but the overall unparalleled feel that you are going to witness here makes MAGIA® even more exclusive,” remarked Gatti while speaking about his exclusive magic show in Vegas.

The amazing experience will start with a private elevator escorting the guests to the grand and gorgeous Penthouse right on the 64th floor, as they reach the esteemed Trump International Hotel. A refined Martini or Champagne will be waiting to welcome the guests when they step inside the massive Penthouse. Highly trained personal bartenders will season the drinks to perfection for the most luxurious sip as the guests gather around the plush setting – amidst some classy lounge music and ethereal fragrance of ylang-ylang and lemongrass soothing the soul.

To retain the experience more intimate, the number of guests at the show has been limited to only 40. The magic show is already creating high buzz making more and more people interested in it every day. Tickets are already available to purchase on the official website of Magia. As the seats are limited, magic lovers are encouraged to secure their place at earliest to avoid last minute rush. The show duration is 60 minutes and the guests are requested to follow a smart casual dress code.

To know more about MAGIA and book your tickets, visit the official website or contact them below.


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