They May Be Tiny Houses But They Provide Gigantic Value

Duncan, BC, Canada – A relatively new trend is quickly taking the world by storm; and for good reason. Tiny houses are a unique and eco-friendly way of living, which those currently exploring claim brings closeness to nature that is otherwise near impossible. Not to mention the great benefits that these homes bring to communities and the world at large. These little homes look so small; they leave many people wondering why they’re a thing at all. What it comes down to is taking a step back and seeing exactly what these little homes are, without taking size into account.

Usually a bare 100-250 sq. feet in size, it’s immediately obvious that the tiny houses of Canada  are not for everyone. In fact, many wonder why these things are gaining popularity. The fact is, the planet is changing, and a good portion of that has to do with how people live. The large traditional homes that were once (and in most areas still are) the norm just aren’t cutting it anymore. Tiny houses are a solution that takes into consideration climate change, population, and the environment all in one tiny little package. These homes are armed to the teeth with environmentally friendly systems, such as composting toilets, solar and wind power, and greywater systems which recycle rainwater.

Not only do the tiny homes of Canada use far less water and produce a shockingly low amount of carbon emissions, owners can create a veritable village in almost the same amount of space that a traditional home and yard would require. But the benefits of tiny living aren’t just about the environment; they’re about getting back to a simpler and less stressful way of living. Most of those who have caught on with the movement live very closely with nature, as is the idea behind living tiny.

“I can’t tell you how much better I feel living in my Tiny House,” Olivia Sanderson starts with a smile. “It’s just less stressful out here. You’re so close to nature, without all of these big empty walls to hold you back. And with the planet changing the way it is, it’s obvious that people are going to have to do something about it sooner rather than later. Cutting your carbon footprint by carpooling wasn’t working for me anymore; I wanted to do something bigger, but I didn’t know what. When I heard about the Tiny Houses in BC, I knew that was where I needed to be.”

For those looking to buy or rent a tiny house in Canada, Tiny House Listings of Canada have an extensive list of tiny houses currently on the market. For those unsure about whether or not a tiny house is their cup of tea, the company also runs a blog from their website, detailing the differences tiny living has from traditional living, as well as many of the benefits. In addition, they connect tiny livers as a community. If the benefits alone don’t have people flocking to buy these homes, the photos of adorable little homes out in nature which the website features surely will.

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