Emergence Publishing Group Launches the New Color Me Successful Series For Small Business Owners

Emergence Publishing Group is a platform publishing eBooks on an array of topics. The new eBooks are a how-to for small business owners on the use of color in their brand, marketing material, and website. The first two installments in the new Color Me Successful series by Judy Haar have now been published.

Emergence Publishing Group is pleased to announce a new set of How To books for small business owners are now available. The Color Me Successful series was written by Judy Haar and teach readers how to build a brand name and visual identity, using colors.

Through the use of color in all forms of advertising, Judy has become an expert in driving the successful reaction to the brand and marketing message for small businesses. Judy is a marketing expert, self-published/marketed author of many books and founder of the Emergence Publishing Group.

The Color Me Successful series currently has two titles that are available for purchasing. Book 1 in the series is titled “Color Theory”, with book 2 being titled “Color Emotions”. Book 4 titled “Color Marketing” and Book 5 titled “Color Website” are set to be released very soon. An Emergence Publishing Group spokesperson made an official press statement in which he discussed the work of the company.

“Here at Emergence Publishing Group, we are a hub of information. The first two installments in the Color Me Successful series are now available on our website. This series shows business owners how to cleverly use color in order to build a visual identity and ultimately, bring success to their business.”

Color has been used by businesses for many years to help sell their products and services. Supermarkets use color all the time to increase the temptation to buy their products.(take out the supermarket example. A lot of small business owners do not understand how color can help increase their business sales. A spokesman for Emergence Publish Group said: “Color drives emotion, emotion drives business. It is the first thing that your clients see and can drive them to buy or walk away. It can create or destroy a company’s business.”

For more information about the Color Me Successful Series, please visit http://www.emergencepublishinggroup.com

About Color Me Successful Series

Color Me Successful Series has been written by Judy Haar. Color affects lives in many ways and is a powerful tool for communication. It can drive immediate, automatic reactions, or learned control from cultural differences and experiences.

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