Low-Cost, High-Quality Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

OpenBCI is excited to announce the release of their latest 3D-printable brain computer interface (BCI), the Ultracortex Mark III “Nova.” The Nova can be paired with any of the OpenBCI microcontrollers—the 32bit Board, 16chan R&D Kit, or soon-to-be-released Ganglion—to measure brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), heart activity (ECG), accelerometer data, and more! In addition, the Nova can be upgraded to the Supernova, enabling higher resolution sampling.

The primary goal of OpenBCI and the Ultracortex headsets is to make brain computer interface technologies as accessible, and cost-effective as possible. The headsets can be purchased as fully-assembled, unassembled, or as a print-it-yourself kits. For individuals that have access to a desktop 3D printer (such as the TAZ 5), the headsets can be almost entirely 3D-printed. Then all you need to do is purchase the embedded electronics and follow the free Ultracortex assembly guide!

OpenBCI tech is currently be used and improved by researchers, designers, and engineers, in over 30 countries and every continent around the world. The OpenBCI platform is an ever-growing ecosystem of open source hardware and software tools. To date, OpenBCI devices have been used to power robotic hands, drones, games, audio experiences, clinical biofeedback practices, meditation training, and more! In addition, OpenBCI has plans to design and build a custom Ultracortex headset for Gal Sont, an individual with ALS who wants more tools to communicate and interact with the world. Scientists and researchers love OpenBCI because it is modular and entirely open source. The system is perfect for technical individuals who want to have the ability to both use and improve their tools.

If you’re interested in exploring the electrical signals of the human body, what are you waiting for?! Check out OpenBCI’s latest DIY biosensing kits. Through May 1st, OpenBCI is offering a store-wide 10% discount; use the code “SPRING_SALE_GO” at checkout to cash in on this great deal!

OpenBCI is dedicated to open source innovation of human computer interfaces technologies. What can we build together?

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