Opens New Era in the Beauty Industry – beauty service booking system that connects consumers to beauty service providers, and makes those engagements satisfying for both sides.

It’s not a secret that a lot of beauty salons or freelancers are struggling with seeking for new clients. As well as a lot of people are struggling with seeking for a good trustful master that they could have successful long-term relationship with. And everyone knows that one of the main factors in that process is service cost. Absolutely unclear charge system in that industry makes it really hard to find suitable price that will remain the same after the service is done. Most of the times people get charged some “extras”, and the price, that they are actually paying, has nothing to do with the price that was promised in the beginning. Even if you happened to find a professional, who meets your expectations, you will have to face that awkward tip moment in the end, anyway.

How many sources are trying to teach us how to tip correctly? Thousands. But still no one likes that moment, when a customer doesn’t want to pay too much, but at the same time trying to not offend the master with low or no tips. And of course every master wants to be paid fairly for a good job. So, why are we still doing it when there’s an easy way to be happy for both, customer and beauty professional?

Our “No Tip” ideology makes it easy to be elated and satisfied. By setting up average prices with included desired tip amount, a beauty provider will get satisfied payment every time. A customer will know the final price before getting service, and there is no need to worry about how much should you tip the master to show your appreciation. A customer will be sure that the master is pleased with that payment. No looking away, no harsh feelings. Everyone is happy. So why don’t you give it a try?

We are delighted to invite beauty professionals to join us now at Don’t depend on other people moods and opinions, make your own decisions, and establish your own prices, which you will be happy about every time you are doing your beauty magic!

 – Jessica Sanders,
Team Bellatip,

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