SainSmart Jr. To Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For Blocks Team: Fancy Splicing Engineering Block Toy

Hong Kong based toy developer SainSmart Jr. recently announced the development of a new building block toy for children aged 5 and up, a moving building block toy without programming named the Blocks Team, SainSmart Jr. has taken the initiative to set up a crowdfunding campaign on the most popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to build support and raise funding for the project. The crowdfunding campaign is expected to go live soon. The project need of funding to cover the tooling, manufacturing and various other expenses, the Kickstarter campaign will have a funding goal of at least $12,000 USD to be raised within a limited time period.

Blocks Teams will be composed of four parts: BDS blocks, screws & fasteners, physical equipment kits and power supply. The toy is based on the STEM ideology of education, STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in coalition which allows students to be innovative and look at these subjects in a different way.

SainSmart Jr. spokesperson explained: “Blocks Team is developed under this background. We mix kids’ favorite brick toy and STEM concept into this fancy new toy. Blocks Team help kids building and finish classics actions of physics, enhancing kids’ engineering ability through physics accessories such as lever, gear, pulley, bearing and so on. Blocks Team are all about promoting learning through fun and enforce the necessary engineering skill children will need in the future!”

By block splicing and srcew locking, the building blocks can be built into a more stable and perfect 3D structure. With physical kits such as gears, bearings and other accessories, the toy can complete physical actions like levering,wheeling, transmission and more.

Other than the components of the Blocks Team SainSmart Jr. is planning to include a couple of freebies to further increase the interest of kids in the toy, a comic and Augmented reality (AR).

A variety of different rewards and perks are also being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions the rewards will include specially designed and manufactured items which will be given according to the amount of money pledged. There are limited qualities of the special reward items. On the subject of risks and challenges the SainSmart Jr. team is ready to take on any challenges that might occur, realizing that acquiring adequate funding is a challenge many crowd funding campaigns, therefore a contingency plan has been prepared to carry the project forward. Another challenge is staying on schedule which the company hopes to counter by developing relationships which enables them to work closely, and efficiently to ensure the supply chain flows smoothly.

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