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Drink Lettuce Organic Tea – Live Well, Live Healthy.
Lettuce Organic Tea is:

• A Holistic Tea beverage with a Premium Taste
• The Only Cruciferous Vegetable Tea on the Market
• One-of-a-kind
• A New Tea Category Breakthrough
• Upscale and Classy with a Globally Recognized Name
• World’s Healthiest Veggie Tea in a class all by itself

The Lettuce Tea beverage brand featured a creative, innovative, and outside-of-the-box approach to the existing functional beverages on the market today. It is exclusively formulated with the organic lettuce juice extract, and brewed with the finest black tea material. The product is GMO-free, and contains no preservatives. 

Recently, Lettuce juice extracts have been highlighted by prominent health professionals such as Dr. Oz and the American Cancer Research Center as having distinctive and positive dietary health benefits. Additionally, independent expert studies and continuing research have found the lettuce green vegetable family exhibit a natural milky cruciferous which is suitable for metabolism reinforcement, strengthen the immune system help in the effort to maintain desired weight and prevent obesity which has become the nation most pressing concern.

This new remarkable tea comes in four bold thirst-quenching flavors – Mango, Strawberry, Pomegranate and Exotic Apricot, all of which have delicious and distinctive tastes fortified exclusively the lettuce juice extract, sweetened with Organic cane sugar and Organic Stevia materials. Each serving contains only 40 calories to enable the Lettuce Tea to refresh, reinvigorate, rehydrate, purify and support daily activity efforts.

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