Choose Get Me Crowdfunded to Manage Any Crowdfunding Campaign’s Success

The world of crowdfunding is rapidly changing. In just a few years, crowdfunding has grown from a minor fundraising platform worth a few billion dollars to the number one way to raise money for business organizations with more than $34 billion in available funds. This swift transformation has spawned a multitude of organizations, many of which promise you the moon but deliver almost nothing.

To navigate this complex world and elevate your crowdfunding to the top of the pile, you need an experienced team of marketing professionals. The marketing firm Get Me Crowdfunded has been working almost since the inception of the industry. They have worked with some of the most successful campaigns in the history of crowdfunding and have raised more than $2 million in funds for their clients.

Using their unique, dynamic marketing strategy of social media and conventional media marketing, Get Me Crowdfunded can generate enormous buzz about your campaign in just days. They leverage their intimate knowledge of online communities and news sites to make sure that thousands of online users are exposed to your crowdfunding campaign. With their assistance, your new ideal or business concept could become a viral meme sweeping across the world.

Unlike many newcomers to the crowdfunding industry, Get Me Crowdfunded insists on outstanding customer management. Not only do you receive unparalleled professionalism from the moment you contact the firm, but you will have unfettered access to managers who will provide constant updates about the status of your marketing strategy. Most importantly, there is Satisfaction Guarantee; if you are not satisfied with the service provided, just ask for your money back.

In addition to a top marketing team with a sterling reputation, Get Me Crowdfunded also has some of the most competitive marketing packages available. For just $197, you can market your campaign to 60,000 potential backers on Facebook, Twitter or a variety of media outlets. For $496, you can bump that up to 200,000 potential backers, and the $698 Pro Package shares your campaign with half a million potential backers.

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