Audio Revolution by DECT technology on Kickstarter

Wireless speaker can perform better than wired speaker.

ONEaudio announced that it is raising funds on Kickstarterto finish the development of their revolutionary high-end wireless speaker, ONEclassic. DECT technology allows ONEclassic to stand out from those WiFi or Bluetooth speaker and even wired speaker. “You will wonder why a so simple wireless speaker can perform like a top end setup. It is playing true music,” said Kenneth, Chief Audio Engineer at ONEaudio. 

Precise Sound Stage by Zero-timing-error

ONEaudio is the world’s first to apply DECT technology in wireless audio. The perfect synchronization character in DECT protocol gives you a very precise sound stage that you might not have experienced before. 

Unbelievably High Performance Price Ratio

Pledgers will receive this pair of revolutionary speakers at only one-tenth the price of most high-end audio system. It plays well balanced treble, mid-range and bass which makes ONEclassic suitable for all kinds of music. 

The World’s First True Wireless Surround

Not only HiFi quality, DECT technology can also support multi-channels concurrent transmission. ONEaudio successfully developed the world’s first true wireless 5.1 surround which is recognized with CES Innovation Awards 2016. This can be formed by combining ONEclassic and any other models of ONEaudio wireless speakers.

Easy operation and Zero set up

There is no more amplifier or CD player. All you need is just a small USB dongle which streams high quality audio from PC or mobile device. Now, you can simply play audiophile music from your smart device. 

4 Sound Profiles by Sound Reconstruction

ONEaudio adopted sound reconstruction instead of equalizer to avoid degradation in sound quality.

• Warm: Tube amplifier character
• Natural: Balanced character, ONEaudio’s recommendation
• Clarity: Solid state amplifier character
• Dynamic: Prominent character

Founded in 2010, ONEaudio is an innovative brand under Sinotech Communication Limited, one of the design partners of Dialog semiconductor, which has over 20 years’ experience in DECT technology. ONEaudio is creating a new generation of wireless audio and bringing high fidelity sound to everyone at a much lower cost.

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