03 May, 2016 – Hots Boosters, an esports services virtual company dedicated to providing gaming individuals with the ability to boost their accounts, continues to offer industry players the safest, most reliable method for inter-account improvement and refinement. Born from a passion for providing a reliably safe alternative to account boosting, Hots Boosters has never had a single security breach when boosting a gaming account.

“With all of the Internet scams, fraudulent companies, and false transactions out there today, many people find it hard to believe a business can be trusted for ensured account boosting,” said Brianna Lynn, Founder and Co-Owner of Hots Boosters. “That’s why we use a VPN when boosting accounts – our clients will never have to worry about detrimental account hacking when using our services.”

Founded over a decade ago in games like World of Warcraft, Dota 1 and various FPS games, Hots Boosters owns a huge network of gaming websites today where they offer a variety of services developed for specific and effect account targeting. Some of their added gaming specialties today include League of Legends, CS:GO, Hots, WoW, and more.

“Choosing us over competitors means choosing a safe investment with a proven track record,” said Lynn. “Don’t risk the safety of gaming accounts that developed from years of dedication and hard work. Our boosters are handpicked, and our support staff undergo months of rigorous training before taking on gaming accounts. Spread the word on the safe, supportive gaming network that we embody, and check out our services today.”

Hots Boosters VPN access makes the account boost untraceable to anyone while also providing an added layer of security many gaming accounts are naturally without on major gaming platforms. Account details are then stored on a secured server and only shared with one booster who is in charge of the account boosting. The Heroes of the Storm boosting order remains completely anonymous.

Passionate about providing clients with the very best approach to account growth, Hots Boosters’ years of experience in the industry have equipped them with the resources, skills, and knowledge for placing accounts at the top of gaming leaderboards. Hots Boosters gaming affiliates continue to grow every year, and their selection process is incredibly tedious and targeted for effective boosting.

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