Survivor Of The Rwandan Genocide Motivates People With Her Public Speaking

Clementine Bihiga is one of the few public speakers that can manage to gain the attention of a whole room while they listen to her motivational yet heart-wrenching talks.

An author and blogger who has become an inspiration to many continues to be one of the most sought-after public speakers in the USA.  Clementine Bihiga has shown that life can always change for the better, believing in a positive future and having the motivation for success can produce powerful results. With her powerful true-life stories of how she became a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide and civil war, she manages to empower the audience at each event she attends.

The public speaker intends to empower and motivate as many people as she possibly can with her electrifying speech, and according to all the positive reviews and her continuous bookings, her mission is working. Once she walks into the room the feel of that room changes within the first five minutes of her talk, leaving the audience with mixed feeling of shock, horror, and most of all motivation.

Many people go through life coming to that stage where they come to a cross road, either in their personal or business life. The use of public speakers helps to change people’s direction and gives them the motivation they need to close those sales, climb that career ladder and make those changes in their life that they need to become a success. Clementine Bihiga understands what it means to make changes, and that is why at each event she leaves people inspired and motivated to change their life for the better.

“I want to show people that they can be a success, and they can achieve what they want to achieve in life,” said Clementine Bihiga.

The author of Happily Broken: Discovering Happiness Through Pain and Suffering not only motivates people to become successful in their life, but she also helps people overcome incidents that have put a stop to them moving forward and failing to see a way out. Not only did Clementine suffer during the Rwandan Genocide, but she was also later tested when she lost her daughter in 2014. She has lived a life that many would never understand, but she has come out the other end a stronger, better, and a more positive person, and during her public speaking engagements, she hopes to pass that gift on to other people.

Clementine Bihiga has received hundreds of reviews for her talks and the way she has helped to motivate and inspire people, they include:

“Clementine has a delightful way of narrating her life’s journey both in/out of Rwanda and as a refugee in the United States. Her triumph over adversity and her optimism after life has dealt its worst is a true example of the power of faith and belief in herself. She speaks equally well to the high school student, to professionals, and in faith communities as her story is ageless. You will know you are in the right place if you hear her laughter beckoning you to join the circle of listeners.” – Rebecca Wild-Wesley, RN, MA, CMC.

“Clementine provided an inspiring, uplifting and entertaining presentation to our students and alumni. She is a positive force of nature and delightful.” – Susan Wojtas, Director of Institutional Advancement, Anna Maria College

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About Clementine Bihiga

Clementine wrote Happily Broken; Discovering Happiness through Pain and Suffering, not to preach to people, but to come beside them as a friend who cares—as a friend who has traveled through the fire and come out on the other side. Free. Does she have scars? Of course, but she’s here to tell you that scars can be beautiful. Pain and suffering can be beautiful if embraced with a full heart and genuine faith.

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