Wood100: The Healthiest, Sustainable And Energy Efficient Homes Now Available in Canada

Wood100, an established name in natural wooden houses, has formally launched its services in Canada through its online platform www.wood100.ca

Established over 20 years ago by Erwin Thoma in Austria, Wood100 is a sustainable building system where only 100% wood materials are used. The company was created out of a strong concern for the environment, a love of wood construction and the desire to provide a truly healthy and natural home for its customers.  With knowledge of solid wood buildings constructed thousands of years ago and still standing in Asia and Europe and a strong environmental concern for cradle to cradle building, Erwin Thoma set out to build the healthiest home.  Wood100 was the result.

The company develops sustainable modern homes that are built completely out of natural solid wood in the form of customized and prefabricated solid timber panels that construct a 100% solid wood home without the use of synthetic glues and chemicals. Layers of solid wood connected by wooden pegs are assembled to form solid wood panels designed for floors, ceilings, interior walls, roofing structures and the exterior façade and walls. The construction techniques and pre-planning methods used mean that within a few weeks, it is possible to construct a new home or office space.

With the building constructed out of completely natural materials, the company’s natural wood houses fit perfectly into their environment. The wood fibers regulate temperature and humidity and provide excellent protection against noise and fire to create an unmistakable feeling of well-being.  These solid wood homes can reach ‘passive house’ or LEED certification standards.

These houses not only insulate the consumer from the conditions prevalent outside the home, it also offers the best possible degree of energy efficiency, helping to save money and the environment.

“This major structural building system, based on ancient construction techniques, using state-of-the-art technology, and with a totally sustainable source of material as its basic ingredient – and produced off the grid no less – is truly the ultimate cradle to cradle product.  Our modern sustainable homes serve as proof that solid and natural wood can result in a truly healthy home, a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional,” said a spokesman for Wood100.

For more information on Wood100 and their modern sustainable wooden houses, please visit http://www.wood100.ca

About Wood100

Wood100 is a reliable and professional company that produces solid wood houses that combine cradle to cradle production with techniques to build a healthy home.

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