Still Life, Food and Drink Photographer Graham Precey’s Daylight Studio, Completes One Year of Success

A little over a year ago Graham Precey, a well-known London still life, food and drink photographer opened the doors of his daylight food photography studio in London. His studio had been designed by him to let the beautiful Acton light in from a large, 8-foot x 20-foot window and all the facilities necessary to take the perfect drool worthy shot.

The fully decked out studio includes a large fully functioning digital facility, using both Sinar and Canon digital cameras. It is on two levels with flash lighting, as well as wonderful daylight. It also offers a fully working kitchen with freezers and refrigerated storage as well as a massive props and backgrounds section. Food and drink photography is unlike all other types of photography because the fundamental elements such as the lighting, styling, equipment, shooting styles and post-production processes are all different. However, a food magazine-worthy picture requires more than just the right equipment, Graham Precey is known in the industry for his unique style and his impressive capability to take the next level food photographs, he works with some of the best stylists in London and whether it is a food shoot or a drinks shoot he has the talent and inspiration to bring the best out of the product.

Graham designed the studio with the latest food photography trends in mind, according to his observations an increasing number of clients and the audience in general nowadays like the daylight, ‘editorial’ quality to their food photographs which the daylight studio is able to deliver. The studio can also cater to the needs of the clients who do not like daylight lighting for their photographs.

Regarding the focus of the daylight studio, which is the window, Graham said: “The window is covered with a silver security filament which allows total privacy. Ideal for privacy from nosy neighbours and passerbys. The silvering doesn’t change the quality of the light at all and the added privacy is a real bonus on a ground floor situation. It is amazing that even in the darkest of days we can produce photographs which look like they have been shot on a bright summers day.”


Graham is an established London still life, food and drink photographer. He works primarily for advertising and design agencies from the UK, Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. Experienced and used to working on major brands, he is passionate and enthusiastic about his photography and loves the variety his work brings as well as the people he meets.

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