Road Safety Concerns Of 10K Accident Deaths Highlighted by Reflective Vest Manufacturer Active Arlo

Visibility is Key to Avoiding 10K Deaths & 180,000 Injuries Claims Active Arlo

It is a fact of life that we take for granted everyday that when we venture outdoors, the one thing that we are most likely to encounter are motor vehicles. So much so that is something we ignore for the most part. It is this very complacency that can be the major issue and root of over 180,000 injuries and 10,000 deaths by accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians,(walkers, Jogger & runners), cyclists and motorcyclists. In a statement today, safety wear manufacturer Active Arlo called for the public at large to recognise the dangers and take appropriate step to avoid becoming another accident statistic.

A spokesperson explained further, “I think we are all guilty of complacency when it comes to road safety. We deal with the proximity of vehicles so often in our daily lives that they tend to get lost in the background of our consciousness and are forgotten about. Highlighting the number of accidents on a national basis is just a reminder to everyone that the risk and danger is real and that steps can be taken to minimize that danger so that you do not become one of the unfortunate statistics.

The time when we think about safety least is when we are walking the dog around the quiet neighbourhood, going for run, walking a trail or cycling quiet roads for pleasure. We might be listening to music on our phone or chatting with family. When we are distracted it is important that you have done something to focus the attention of drivers to your existence. Visibility is a key factor in these statistics and making sure you are able not to be seen, but to stand out so that a driver will be drawn to your presence nearby, can be the factor that makes all the difference.”

Active Arlo are the manufacturer and sole distributor of a multi-use adjustable reflective vest to wear when you are out walking, cycling or running or need to be visible outdoors in work situations when there is traffic around. The reflective vest consists of two 2 inches wide over the shoulder reflective strips of a reflective elasticated material and a wide adjustable belt. There are four adjustable straps so that the vest is able to fit sizes 26-40 inch waist sizes and the over the shoulder straps can be adjusted to accommodate most heights.

The spokesperson continued, “Our message is one of safety awareness. By highlighting the danger we hope we will spur a few more people to take a few extra steps to ensure their safety and the safety of the one they love. Part of what we do is to try and reduce the statistics and make sure everyone stays safe.”

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest is currently for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the vest is available at a substantial discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price). It is a 5 Star rated product with more than 250 reviewers giving it a top rating. here are a few of their comments:

“Oh my goodness. I am an avid runner. Having run in a number of relays that span the state going the entire night, I have used several reflective vests. This one is hands down the best one I have used. These are a must when running at night. Before each race, the race directors give a presentation on the distance a car’s headlights see a runner with and without reflective gear. It’s astounding the difference.”

This is genius, perfect for hikers, bikers and runners. I hit this for my husband who hikes a lot. He was thrilled because he sometimes hikes in the evenings. This is hoping to make sure he is safe and seen by others when he hikes. It also fit him perfectly. He plans on using it a lot this summer.”

Perfect for safely walking our dog (who has a matching reflective harness) at night in our extraordinary community!

“Safety first, never last. Have a future, not a past.”


Active Arlo are manufacturers and distributors of personal safety attire to include the Active Arlo Reflective Vest for running, jogging, walking the dog, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding or working in proximity to vehicles where visibility is a safety factor.

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