Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a Reputed Manufacturer and epi-grow of Semiconductor Wafers

PAM-Xiamen has been devotedly manufacturing a range of semiconductor wafers including GaN substrate and template, offering GaN epi service since 1990.

PAM-XIAMEN announce 6”size GaN HEMT structure epi wafer on mass production: China-Semiconductor wafers is increasing its capacity on substrates or epi growth benefiting from the rapid growth on China market demand. actually extremely slim crusts of semiconductor matter that are generally used for manufacturing ICs and power device. The wafer acts as the base unit for microelectronic gadgets and goes through several integrated fabrication processes including photolithographic formatting, engraving, and ion or doping implantation. PAM-XIAMEN since 1990 has been wholeheartedly engaged in manufacturing compound semiconductor wafers that are used extensively in countless electronic and electrical gadgets or devices. Over the years, the company has come up with semiconductor wafers that are more advanced compared to the previous line of products. Then in 2008, PAM-Xiamen came up with Gallium Nitride Subsrtrate that realized widespread applications in GaN on Silicon epitaxy gadgets, high-temperature devices, power devices, optoelectronic and photoelectric items, engaging in its research by large expenditure.

Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd

Three years down the line in 2011, the enterprise masters the techniques of fabricating 4” size growth on sililcon substrate. in 2012, they expand the size 6” for  GaN on Sapphire for LED or device application with its XRD value(002) AlGaN/GaN HEMT epi wafer with AlN buffer layer for power or switch application, and its 2DEG concentration: 1E13/SQ, and BOW value <60um, and its mobility>1300cm2/V-sec.  The alternative substrate is Silicon and sapphire.

Here we take 2” size as an example to show structure:

Structure (from top to bottom):

*undoped GaN cap(2~3nm)

AlxGa1-xN (18~40nm)

AlN(buffer layer)

un-doped GaN(2~3um)

Sapphire substrate

About Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd

PAM-Xiamen is a China-based manufacturer of an array of semiconductor wafers that are used in a range of electronic devices that contain semiconductors.

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