Patrick A Falcon PC Announces Great Services for Startups

Patrick A Falcon PC, which is among the best known CPA Firms in Houston (Texas) recent called the local press to their office to discuss their extended services for self-employed professionals, startups and small businesses. The company discussed many of their ongoing services, but stressed on expanding their customer base to more dimensions.

As a Houston CPA firm, Patrick A Falcon PC has long worked for close to four decades as one of the most revered and professional corporation &certified public accountant. The company is willing to reach to more clients and offer them dedicated advice and help on a number of tax problems and concerns with earnings. They also organized a small press meet, where the honchos and marketing team members talked of their experience and the objectives of the company.

The marketing head started by saying that the company knows the increase in the number of self-employed professionals and startups, which is why it would want to reach these segments of the market. Counted among the best accountant Houston firms, the company also expressed its desire to work for clients with a customized attitude. The marketing team also started with the know-how of Patrick A. Falcon, who has worked with the IRS and is well experienced in all aspects of negotiations related to IRS problems.

The company’s operation manager also joined the conversation and answered many questions of the local press, adding that as a recognized Texas CPA firm, they always work with the laws, rules and yet protect the best interests of the customers. He said that the startups are in need of professional help from CPA firms, and the company is available for all kinds of businesses and individuals alike.

The marketing team assured that the company will follow the ‘no charge’ policy as always for the first consultation. He also added that the company is open to all kinds of questions, and the team members take all businesses and startups with the same kind of positive attitude. Along with that, he assured that Patrick A Falcon PC is meant to help, and even when the company cannot take up a case, they always have the right references. The idea is to help more people and businesses and make tax and account aspects easier for all.

Before signing off, the team also thanked their staff and complete pool of employees, who have been working hard to keep up the good name. It is likely that their customer-friendly attitude is going to work for client base in a big way.

About Patrick A Falcon PC

Patrick A Falcon PC is a professional Houston Accountant company, which is known for being in service for close to three decades. The company works for all kinds of taxing and accounting solutions for businesses and individuals alike, and offers personalized services. They recently have attempted to reach more startups and new companies, in a bid to help them with the matters of taxes and everything else related to bookkeeping and accounting.

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