5 Fun Activities to Do in South Florida’s Life’s a Beach

At Life’s a Beach Watersports located at Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida, we are known for our thrilling Jet Ski rentals. The joy you receive when riding one of our jet ski’s on a beautiful sunny afternoon will bring a smile to your face instantly. It is an exhilarating feeling to race at firm speeds as if you were flying over the water. Jet Skiing is a popular water sport in the South Florida area to both locals and tourists.
Life is just a beach.

Just a few more months and everyone will be flocking to the beach for some fun activities with families or friends. And quite frankly, if you happen to be thinking of spending some fun and frolic in the sun, surf, and sand of South Florida, then you really just have to spend it in Pompano Beach where one of the area’s premier water sports facilities can be found, Life’s a Beach Water Sports. Be it snorkeling or just frolicking in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic, Pompano Beach has several miles of pristine waters perfect for that much-needed summer getaway.

Here are the top 5 fun things you can do when visiting Pompano Beach, especially when you spend it at Life’s a Beach.

1. Dare to Ride the Waves on High-Powered Jet Skis

Pompano Beach’s Life’s a Beach is best known for its impressive array of high-powered jet skis. All are properly maintained so that you and your friends can really have the best time of your lives. Feel like challenging your friends to a race? How about exploring the outer perimeters of the waters off the beach? Whatever you intend to do, however you wish to have the kind of water sports you have in mind, there simply is no better way than splashing around at breakneck speeds while dodging waves created by other jet skiers in the area.

2. Take it Easy on Paddle Boards and Kayaks

If you don’t like the feel riding a jet ski, you can always stay ashore for some beach activities. Although another more fun activity will be for you to rent a kayak or even a paddleboard. This is simply perfect at Life’s a Beach because the waters can be so calm and pristine allowing you to keep your balance while marveling at the underwater scenery. Take in the breeze of the Atlantic and feel it brush against your skin as you paddle your way across the surface of the water.

3. Get Some Absolute Fun with Friends on Banana Boats

For absolute fun activities with your friends or even family, what better way than riding on a banana boat towed by a speed boat? Just look at it as a water version of a roller coaster ride as you go up and down waves created by the wake of the speed boat.

4. Explore the Wonder of the World Beneath the Waves

One of the most enjoyable fun activities you can ever have especially with your kids is to go on a snorkeling trip off the coast of Life’s a Beach. Here, you can explore and get up close and personal with the wonderful world of marine creatures.

5. Have Absolute Beach Fun

Beach volleyball, beach football, and other beach activities you can think of can surely be more fun when done together with your family or friends. The fine stretch of sandy beach can make for an excellent playground whether it is ball games that you crave for, building sand castles for your kids, or even playing Frisbee.

The point of the matter is that there are plenty of things to do this summer, and all year round, in Pompano Beach, Florida. And when you spend it at Life’s a Beach, you can be assured of really great and fun times.

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