Passfeed Launched A Social Dating App Fused with America Party Culture and Lifestyle

When other social networking apps make a promise and don’t fulfill their side of the bargain, then it is a breach of contract and disrespect to users that have downloaded such for usage.

Passfeed has changed the whole concept of social networking and is the only app that guarantees as it promises.

One of such deals and promise it keeps is ensuring U.S College kids never get bored as anyone desirous of attending events and trending parties on the platform can do so by just getting the updates as it flows on your phone screen.

You can attend one or several parties same day as you easily find the parties happening in town, at the colleges and even your area.

Passfeed is a dating app and a party finder making it a total package for you as it provides you the deal to login and chat with that sexy hot girl in your school or that lovely cute boy in your college, and then talk about the current events and parties trending.

And then you and your date on the network can proceed to both attend the parties as you choose with so much other happy and exciting things to follow suit – all free of charge.

With Passfeed – parties are better these days, as everyone on the network seem to be the majority of attendees and this means like-minded folks are congregating together, dancing together, drinking together, playing together, smooching together, and romancing together amongst other adventurous activities that are available to explore on the party dance floor.

It is so real and amazing to date and party together with like-minded students on the platform and you stay perfectly secure and safe knowing it is all about some college kids getting together to enjoy life positively to its fullest range.

When feeling stressed, bored, demotivated, or awful – all you have to do to change the mood and set the day(s) going excitedly again is to go on the Passfeed network and find a party that you think is close to you and pick a friend or more from the network and hit the party ground together.

Passfeed has been adjudged as the ultimate party finder and is known to be the only social networking app targeted at American college kids in the most efficient, easy, adorable, adventuring, sexy and pleasant ways.

You can start partying the next hour when you log on to this amazing app party finder today!

Passfeed Launched A Social Dating App Fused with America Party Culture and Lifestyle

About Passfeed

Passfeed is a popular location-based social networking app in America. Through Passfeed, people can make new friends, discover surrounding and share life moments with other like-minded users. Passfeed quickly gained popularity and became the favored social network among the top party schools in America after launched. College students love to use Passfeed to make friends and organize parties, so people can easily find many stylish guys with six-pack abs and tan skin girls on Passfeed. Passfeed is accessible to Facebook users as well!

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