Adam A. Kamran\’s Grand Masters Academy is now open to public

Toronto, ON, Canada – May 5, 2016 – Adam Kamran, the CEO of Royal Persicus Consulting Co, and the Mastermind behind the Grand Masters Academy, has announced the launch of the publicly accessible website,, a site aimed at presenting mastermind classes, such as Modern Face Reading (using a modernized approach in face reading to read people’s mindsets, characteristics and behavior and leveraging that insight in improvement of mutual understanding and better communications), Holistic Health (incorporating healthy habits in everyday life, in maintaining health and balancing personal energy and longevity), Life Coaching (in improvement of personal life through establishment of good habit and re-Calibrations, as well as improvement of relationships in a broad range of romance, marriage, interaction with children and more).

The new website combines several training courses, presented in multi-media, for online and downloadable educational materials.

According to company’s spokesperson Adam A. Kamran, “The e-learning market is expected to reach an annual revenue marker of $120 billion, with a widening gap between supply and demand. We are positioning our services to address this misalignment and to become a rising star in bridging the distance.”

As a growing number of people are showing interest in development and promotion of personal and professional life and since public’s tendency to invest in better understanding and communication is on the rise, Royal Persicus Consulting has chosen a mission to bring practices and information to assist with personal and professional development of all walks of life.

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About Grand Masters Academy

Established in 2006 with the mission of bringing strong and rich content educational solutions at an affordable cost, to all walks of life, Grand Masters Academy is backed by the knowledge and experience of mastermind instructors who have invested decades of their lives into perfecting their skills and their methods and to bring modernized and practical solutions to the public.

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