GlassOuse’s crowdfunding campaign raises half of its target within a few days

World’s first assistive mouse, GlassOuse’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raises nearly half of its projected target within just a few days. Mehmet Nemo Turker – the owner of Ceba Battery & Enemob HK Ltd., Founder of cindenal, cincetercumanlik, mykamm system and GlassOuse – launched the crowdfunding campaign of GlassOuse a few days back, for raising much need $10,000 by the end of May, 2016; and luckily, Mehmet Nemo Turker’s this project was well received by people and with the help of 40 backers, Mehmet has been successful in raising $4,467 USD.

This revolutionary assistive mouse will change many lives and would give disabled people a chance to freely use their computers, laptops, smart phones and tabs without any assistance of other people. This amazing device is specially designed by Mehmet Nemo Turker, with a mission to help his disabled friend and other millions of disabled people of the world – use technology without any hindrance. This device is compatible with Android devices (Mobile phone, Tablet PC, TV), Apple software (PC), Windows devices (Mobile phone, Tablet PC, TV, PC), and Linux devices (Tablet PC, PC); so people with nearly all kinds of devices (that have Bluetooth in them) can use this device.

The best thing about this crowdfunding campaign is that its perks are divided into profit and nonprofit categories. The profit perks offer the backers a chance to purchase GlassOuse directly from Indiegogo. GlassOuse (after keeping their profit) will provide GlassOuse to its customers at $149+$30 delivery charges.

But, as far as nonprofit is concern, Mehmet states that: “For the nonprofit perks, the sale price of the product will only cover the manufacturing fee and the research fee, which is about $70 for a single one. The money you spend will be collected with other donations, and the total money will be used to donate GlassOuse to disabled people. For example, if the total donation from igg is $70,000, we will donate 1000 pieces of GlassOuse to the people who need them.”

GlassOuse is one-of-its-kind, it has helped so many people controlling electronics like a pro. So, not only will this mouse make a difference to so many lives, but it will also help in making disabled people independent.


GlassOuse’s founder is Mehmet Nemo Turker, he has studied electronic design, international marketing and trade, Chinese language and culture and Econometrics. And currently he owns Ceba Battery & Enemob HK Ltd., he is the Founder of cindenal, cincetercumanlik, and mykamm system. His aim of creating GlassOuse is to help millions of disabled people, like his friend, and to help them to enjoy the new technology freely.

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