iFynder launches app to find location of friends and family members

iFynder is the newly launched app that allows the user to know the precise location of their friends and family members. The app is designed for anyone who needs to keep a track of their friends and family members to ensure their safety, whether a parent with teens or someone with aging. With this app available on the iPhone, the user won’t have to worry anymore about where their loved ones are.

iFynder is an easy to use and innovative app that helps the user in knowing the exact location of their friends and family members in near real-time. Moreover, it also allows them to alert 911 in the case of an emergency with the click of a single button. The app can also be used while deciding the location to meet up friends and family members or while coordinating with friends to meet somewhere. The user can get the location of their loved ones on a private and secure iFynder map. The app does not require knowledge of any complex technology and suitable to be used by anyone.

It often becomes challenging and for a person to decide or find a common meeting place especially when friends or family members are present at different locations. Using the iFynder app, the user can check their locations and decide a common spot which is most approachable to everyone. This saves much of effort, time and the cost otherwise spent on calling everyone and asking where they are. Ultimately, it helps in simplifying the planning and coordination process.

The iFynder app also helps in alerting the parents, guardians and law enforcement officials/agencies in case of an emergency. This is made possible as the location data is stored on a cloud-based server that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Unlike the conventional locator apps that track the family’s Apple devices only if they’re associated with the same Apple or iTunes ID, iFynder’s unique and innovative technology provides the location of the authorized Apple devices within a few feet with the help of the superior Wi-Fi enhanced accuracy.

The app, not only allows the user to locate their family and friends in real time but also allowed them to create communities for better communication and network. The user can also share their location via social media and store the history of their location data. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

It can be downloaded for free at iTunes.

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