Three-year-old inspires the idea of the world’s first Smart Azan clock

A 3-year old girl’s curious mind led to the foundation of a startup company that created “eAhlulbayt”, the world’s first Smart Azan Clock. The little girl’s innovative idea is going to transform the Muslim global community. The idea to develop the product was born in April 2015 when a little girl living in Singapore requested her father to play her favorite Dua-e-Faraj on the Basic-Azan clock that he owned, but the basic device was incapable of playing anything apart from the default Azan. She insisted again and again, and said “You can do it!”, at this point, the idea of eAhlulbayt came into the tech-savvy father’s mind.

The father, who has a passion for technology and love for Islam went on to explore and research through the possibilities of developing a better Azan clock that could make his little girl’s wish come true. The project began from their apartment in Singapore, after much effort and hard work, the Smart Azan clock by eAhlulbayt was born. The device will help families to listen and learn from the treasures from the book of Allah, supplications, best Duas, 30 Ramadan Duas, pleasing constant Zikr notifications and much more.  The features are delightful and are easy to set the programs according to ones’ preferences. A simple conversation between a father and his daughter led to the foundation of a device which utilizes modern technology to benefit the global community of Ahlulbayt lovers.

According to the experts, the device has a market target of 250 million Shia Muslim community, which is huge. The future growth plan is to redefine and extend the design to target the larger Sunni population which is 1.5 billion Muslims around the globe, by 2017.

The project is the result of much hard work and market research done by the eAhlulbayt Founder for the past several years. The main work began in May 2015 when startup project searched for the already available Azan clock devices to see the improvements that are needed in the existing device. They worked with an aim to develop a smart device essentially different to any existing devices that will last for years and be a constant companion in a Muslim household which will help in purifying hearts all over the world.

Finally, after going through numerous iterations, the final patent-pending model was ready in February 2016. At present, the device is being fine tuned and equipped with software enhancements and audio files. The device is set to release for public by Sep 2016, however, the device can be pre-ordered from the official website of eAhlulbayt starting May 2016.

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