LOS ANGELES, CA – 05 May, 2016 – TERROR TOONS 3, the winner of the 2016 Horror Vanguard Award will have the North American Premiere at IFP: Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival on Sunday, May 29th at 8:45pm at the Laemmlee Beverly Hills Music Hall in Beverly Hills, California.

TERROR TOONS 3 is a horror/slasher film that was directed by Joe Castro and produced by Steven Escobar.  Both created the Terror Toons series back in 2001.  Being independent filmmakers and having done over 11 films, both Castro and Escobar have been involved in every aspect of the film including writing, casting, shooting, editing, promoting and sometimes distributing the films themselves.

The independent feature film, TERROR TOONS 3 stars the Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gorden Lewis, Beverly Lynne (The Girl From B.I.K.I.N.I., Tanya X, Black Tie Nights), Lizzy Borden, Lizet Garcia, Jonah Nemetz and Brashaad Mayweather. The film is produced by Double Power Studios, Inc and VFX Fantastique.

Special appearances include Brinke Stevens (Teenage Exorcist, Scream Queen Hot Tub Party), Schroeder (Cult Movies Magazine), Robert Rhine (Girls and Corpses Magazine) and Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!, Tales of Halloween).

Starring the Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, (1963’s Blood Feast, and 1965’s 2001 Maniacs) producer/director Joe Castro first met Herschell when he was hired to produce the Special Effects Make-up on Blood Feast 2.  Joe Castro grew up on a goat farm in Helotes, Texas, just outside San Antonio, he was introduced to horror films by his father and his third cousin, Edward Perez.  “We watched over 100 films over a summer and always longed to see more deaths in a film,” said Castro.  “Over the years, I accumulated ideas for a splatter/slasher epic and as an artist and director I chose to create films that would be an anthology incorporating all of my ideas.  Herschel always told me to make something that is truly original and that is why I made TERROR TOONS 3.”

“Produced by Double Power Studios Inc / VFX Fantastique and executive produced by Emmy award winner, Steven Escobar, TERROR TOONS 3 was independently produced between January 2012 and October 2015 with over of 35 shooting days including pickups.  After a full time job, I would go home and work many hours into the night editing pieces we had just shot to create Joe’s vision.  If it hadn’t been for digital technology, Joe and I would not have been able to make this movie within that time.”

IFS: Independent Filmmakers Showcase runs from May 25 – June 4, 2016 in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California.

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