New Tech Startup SmartWISP To Change The World For Better With Free Internet For Life

New tech startup SmartWISP has come up with a revolutionary project that will offer free high speed internet to up to 500k people in the United States, and also help to sponsor untapped artists

Sarasota, FL – 5th May, 2016 – Money might be the one driving the world today but there are still some willing to help without being driven by the monetary concerns. They are the change-makers whose main aim is to change the world for the better, and the latest to join the list is SmartWISP. The new tech startup has assured to offer free of cost internet and high speed internet for life.

Based on cutting edge WISP technology (an advanced fusion of satellite & mobile phone transmission signals), SmartWISP is geared to offer free internet to up to 500k people in the US. These people won’t need to go through the hassles of monthly subscriptions or additional fees to access a speedy internet facility, as if they’re the owners of an internet provider agency.

“Everybody has the right to enjoy the wonders of internet, and our goal here is to offer it for free to as many users as possible, including public schools and non-profit organizations in the United States. Moreover, we are gathering a few artists for endorsement, and our project also aims to help them with the needed opportunity and resources so that they can flaunt their talent to the world,” stated Luciano Mendonca, the man behind SmartWISP.

“The world is changing now and through our innovative project we want the honchos from the communication industry to comply with these changes for better.”

A veteran in the music business for years, Mr. Mendonca has long been contemplating about ways that can raise a robust financial funding to help out great artists who have stayed untapped given lack of opportunities. That’s how the idea of the project came up. After extensive research, he brought in an engineer & IT consultant to help him fulfill his mission which led to the foundation of SmartWISP.

SmartWISP’s project comprises of two steps. After the initial step, which is to offer free internet, the next step is to sell the internet service subscriptions in the lowest possible price in one or multiple American States.  The money gathered from this step would be utilized to sponsor the artists, set up a recording studio for them, and offer free of charge recording sessions- along with expert advice on deals, promotions, management etc.

“The objective here is to compel major agencies to change their pricing and policies, keeping in mind the convenience of users. We are driven by this vision to make premium internet facilities accessible to all everywhere in both urban & rural regions- for free of charge or at lowest possible rate that would be something like 99 cents-5 dollars per month.”

Speaking on the artists, Mr. Mendonca mentioned helping a rising talented artist, Rodrigo Teaser, who has been dubbed as #1 by Michael Jackson’s record label and is endorsed by none other than the legendary star’s choreographer, LaVelle Smith Jr.

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“We are also conscious about the green revolution, and hence we would use the eco-friendly solar panels to power up your project facilities,” he added in.

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