ChalkTastic Introduces Customer Support via Google Hangout for White Chalk Markers

“ChalkTastic White Chalk Markers”
ChalkTastic is about to introduce a new approach to customer service for their White Chalk Markers. The Amazon buyers of this product will now be able to share their concerns with the company via Google Hangout sessions.

ChalkTastic is all set to introduce Google Hangout as an alternative to address the different concerns and queries of their customers. The company has decided to start this interesting initiative with their White Chalk Markers. ChalkTastic manufactures high-quality chalk accessories that have done extremely well in’s huge online marketplace. Their white markers have already received four hundred plus Amazon reviews with five-star ratings from almost ninety percent of the reviewers. This product is currently selling successfully on Amazon for $10.77 only.

The white chalk pens from ChalkTastic have been built by the company to help the creative individuals express themselves. These white markers are non-toxic, odorless, and dust-free. Users have also mentioned in their reviews that these markers can be erased without any hassle using a dry or damp cloth. One of the top features of this product is a reversible 6mm tip that offers users the flexibility of switching between a fine tip and a broad chisel tip. As a result, the markers can be used for both detailed work and broad lines. Most of the users have used this product to great effect for writing on non-porous surfaces like chalk labels, mirrors, storefront windows, etc.

Recommending these white chalk pens, a recent reviewer states, “I absolutely love these chalk markers. I use them on my classroom windows, and then, when it’s dark out (or even just rainy and gloomy), the writing just *pops* right off the windows. It makes it a fun way to post information for my students that doesn’t need to change every day – or even information that could. The kids think that it’s fun to have writing on the windows, and it’s just one more little way to keep them engaged.”

Talking about the company’s plan to introduce Google Hangout, a senior ChalkTastic spokesperson said, “In these sessions, our representatives will talk to the customers to help them make the most out of the white markers. Depending on how it goes, we would like to introduce this service for all our products.”

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