Luis Valdes Files To Incorporate With 10 Million Shares In New Overseas Venture

“The Electronic Filing Found Within Florida’s Public Records Shows That The Executive’s Plans To Incorporate A ‘C’ Corporation Under The Legal Entity LUIS VALDES INTERNATIONAL HORIZONS CORPORATION.”
According To A Public Filing On April 22, 2016 Acclaimed Executive & United States, Managing Member Luis Valdes Of South Florida Horizons LLC will soon be authorized to issue 10 Million Preferred Shares To Attract Latin American Investors In Central & South America.

Luis Valdes

South Florida Horizons LLC will be a IBC domiciled within the United States ( 5/2016) & whose purpose is to conduct international trade, investment activities, serve as a special purpose entity, buy good & services, ownership of real estate, intellectual property, licensing & franchising, & personal services for shareholders overseas such as e-business. 

The purpose of the sole proprietorship LLC to convert as a ‘c’ incorporation type is to expand both reach and accessibility to international investors targeted specifically in Central & South America. While the incorporated ‘c’ status does benefit from the preservation of confidentiality, wide powers to engage in activities and different businesses, ability to issue shares, all bank accounts and financials are held within the jurisdiction of the United States with all local taxes paid. The structure is therefore not deemed to be offshore. 

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Media Contact
Company Name: South Florida Horizons LLC
Contact Person: Luis Valdes
Phone: 3059342671
Address:5004 E Fowler Ave C 148
City: Tampa
State: FL
Country: United States