Hallasan Soju won the first prize for Heobeoksul package design in ‘SWSC show’, one of the world’s most prestigious!

Sweep world beverage show following the win of first prize for Heobeoksul in IWSC
‘Hallassan Original’ and ‘Hallassan Ollae’ won the second prize

66-year-old Hallassan was awarded in Soju beverage show, one of the world’s most prestigious, ascending to the throne of global drinks in global liquor market once again.

Hallassan Soju (C.E.O Hyeon Jae Ung), a local company representative for Je-ju, announced on April 22th that it was awarded the first prize for Hebeoksul package design in ‘2016 SWSC (San Francisco World Competition) show’ held in San Francisco, U.S.A.

Furthermore, ‘Hallasan Original’ and ‘Hallasan Ollae’ were awarded second prize while ‘Hallasan Heobeoksul’ and ‘Hallasan Heobeoksul Sun’ won third prize, which means Hallan brand swept the stage of world liquor.

“Hallasan Original”, a main product and premium soju of Hallansan Soju, has engaged the taste over the world because of its distilled crude with dried-field rice of clean Jeju and volcanic bedrock rich in mineral.

Refined with bamboo charcoal living in the 800 meter of Mt. Halla, ‘Hallasan Ollae’ is mild and soft. It was awarded the second prize once again, following 2012 IWSC, held in England. Thus, it was recognized as the world-class liquor and ascended to the stage of liquor both in name and reality.

‘Hallasan Heobeoksul’ is traditional distilled liquor made up of select rice, barley and brown rice. It used yeast agreeable to the palate of contemporary men with cold fermentation, and it was mixed with underground bedrock water, which was rich in mineral and made in only clean Jeju, and natural honey by long-term ripening and blending in oak barrel. By doing this, it achieved deep and rich taste with simplicity, which is why it awarded the first prize by IWSC in 2012. Moreover, it was wrapped in the pottery of Heobeok-design. So, it, representing the taste of Jeju, was used for various dinner events and appropriate for presents for the precious.

Also, ‘Hallasan Heobeoksul Sun’ is distilled soju renewed from Hallasan Heobeoksul for modern sense. It was developed as a sightseeing product in earnest, and awarded for the high-tech coolant filtering technology and the unique scent and softness of distilled liquor.

“It led to this achievement that inhabitants have loved Hallansan Soju with the grief of living and thus people around the world do. We try to stand for gentrification for a second heyday and to focus on outstanding manufacturing technique and product development,” said C.E.O Hyeon Jae Ung.

SWSC is the sixteen-year-old contest for wine and beverage, one of the three prestigious beverage contests following IWSC in England and Mondselection in Belgium. Especially, it has judged all kinds of beverages on a large scale including their package, and gained a reputation as rigorous and exacting examination with blind test by specialists in this field such as staffs in eminent hotels and restaurants, renowned whisky journalists and whisky consumers. 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/-JnlFC8HKW4

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