XENDER and TECNO Co-launched the 2015-2016 Nigeria P2P File Transfer Industry Report!

Wi-Fi hotspot transmission is the most innovative way to transfer files among various platform devices and doesn’t consume mobile data. Moreover, it’s free of data cables or memory cards.

Hence, this kind of file transfer approach plays a vital part in emerging countries. Nigeria is one of those countries whose network infrastructures are insufficient to meet the needs of smart phone users. Besides, Nigeria takes up a large part of gloabl P2P file transfer industry with the diffusion of mobile phones all over the country. Thus, Xender cooperated with TECNO, the largest mobile phone supplier in Africa to conduct an in-depth analysis of the situation in Nigeria industry trends, which shows a potential high value of global market.

The total number of mobile phone users in Nigeria reached 60 million. Compared with the entire population, the mobile phone penetration rate reached 40%, which indicates that nearly half of the population is mobile phone user. While in Nigeria, 2G and 3G connections are the main channels of network access because usage of 4G is still relatively low, which generates huge P2P file transfer needs in Nigeria.

Xender also analyzed the habits of Nigerian P2P file transfer users and found that the most popular category of files were images, accounting for 35.29%, followed by videos and music, with respectively 28.26% and 24.16%. The transfer of smartphone apps constitutes less, just 11.41%. Classic Nigerian culture favored performance art, such as movies, comedy shows, etc, are also visible in terms of transferred files. 

Currently, the mobile P2P transfer applications in Nigerian market are based on users’ need for low cost wireless transfer, which should be met quickly. The product design of P2P apps is becoming incredibly simple, and the general user experience is improving on a daily basis. In Xender, the increasing number of functions and some “shortcuts” are making it constantly easier for the users. 

Xender main interface screenshot

Such internet and app products are a way to truly help Nigeria with its development as an economy in transition. Nigerian unique national conditions and customs will bring a rapid development of P2P transfer industry. There are still many challenges lying ahead but mobile P2P transfer apps seem to have a bright future in Nigerian.

For more information, you can consult  www.shanchuan.cn/p2p/xender_tecno.pdf

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