YanMao S8 VR Box A Wonderful World in the Glass Micro Upgrade of Consumer VR in China: VR 2.0

The global popularity of VR is similar to the prevalence of drones in 2015. To a great extent, VR has become the fourth “screen” in addition to TV, phone, and tablet PC, and it has a tendency to replace them. For most consumers, the high price of HTC, SONY is not affordable. In order to popularize the use of VR, at the same time, to allow consumers to enjoy the VR easily, VR helmet series used with mobile phones is a good choice.

Fuzzy subtitles, unclear corner vision, and the sense of vertigo caused by ambiguity, all these shortcomings of older VR helmets are still being discussed by the current user. “Even if VR helmets can really bring a good 3D visual feeling, we can even use it to watch panoramic videos, small films, or other things, while that vague feeling always makes people feel uncomfortable.” An internet user said. To solve this anxious problem of the customer, some manufacturers started to replace the resin lens used in older VR helmets with professional optical glass lens, and this small improvement has brought unexpected results.

The visual corners became more clear, and subtitles were no longer ambiguous, visual experience of the whole screen became more transparent, which was basically in line with the 96° field angle, it has greatly reduced the feeling of faintness caused by the original problem. It was named “micro upgrade of glass” or the “2.0 VR helmet” by many fresh experiencers. Although this small improvement increased the production costs of the manufacturer, it greatly enhanced the experience of the consumer. Customers were worried about the glass lens will increase the weight of the VR helmet, but some internet users pointed out that “this increase in weight is almost negligible for an adult”. 

At present, there are 2 or 3 big manufacturers in China are now carrying out an upgrading plan, which uses optical professional glass lens to replace the glass lens used in the current VR helmets.

Of course, 
YanMao S8, which is undergoing the market test at the Aliexpress, is the most anticipated. 

Some experiencers called the scene seen in this VR helmet “a wonderful world in the glass”. How wonderful is it? People who have used it naturally have something to talk about. 

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