Cherrystone Opens Online Bidding Option For June Auction To Meet Client Demands

Cherrystone has opened up online bids to help their clients better access the auction that will be held June 8th, in response to client requests.

In order to better serve their worldwide clientele, Cherrystone Auctions has opened up online bidding options for their June 8th auction. This is not only positive for the business, but also works out well for the clients that are being served. This will allow philatelists and collectors around the world to be able to get a chance to indulge in the auction without having to travel to the auction site, which is a major benefit to their clients.

Cherrystone’s opening of the online option to bid for their June 8th auction also increases its accessibility. The online bidding option also gives Cherrystone’s clients a chance to view the entire auction before the auction day, and search for an item to add to their collection. Cherrystone understands that opening up their auctions to philatelists worldwide, increasing their accessibility, and giving their clients a chance to view their auction items before the auction date are the types of benefits that their faithful clients will enjoy and appreciate.

Philately is a hobby that spans worldwide and it shows no sign of decreasing. Even with the decline of the use of the mailing system, the trade of rare stamps and post covers is still going strong. Cherrystone Auctions has noticed philately’s international attraction and for the benefit of philatelists everywhere they opened their June 8th auction early for online bids. As long as technology progresses, Cherrystone stays up to date and utilizes it to the benefit of their clients across the globe.

Accessibility is the cornerstone of any successful business. The more accessible the company, the easier it is for its clients to be able to attain its trades and services. This is a concept that Cherrystone is aware of and they make sure to use all aspects possible to increase their accessibility to their clients. The opening of the online bid for the June 8th auction has done just that. The early bidding gives their clients the capability to access their stamps and covers more easily. This is something that truly benefits their clients, allowing them more time to search for their next purchase and plan accordingly.

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Another benefit to the clients of Cherrystone is that the early bidding option gives them a chance to preview the inventory for the next auction if they haven’t yet looked at a catalogue. Since Cherrystone understands the visibility of their pieces is an important aspect for a successful auction, and happy clients, they make sure to give them many chances to see the inventory ahead of schedule.

Cherrystone Auctions is one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses. It was founded in 1967 and is family owned and run. They specialize in US philately but feature pieces from all around the world. Cherrystone has amassed close to 45 years of philatelic knowledge and experience. Still located in the heart of New York City, Cherrystone has cultivated serious collectors and their collections the world over.

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