Revolutionary New Portable Workout System to Launch on Kickstarter

The best inventions evolve from necessity, which stays true when it comes to TritonFit. Mark Indigaro and Robert Scott were Hollywood film producers who were always on the go. They wanted a full-body workout that was effective, easy to travel with and usable in compact spaces. After extensive research and development, the TritonFit prototype was born. On May 25, 2016, it will be introduced to the Kickstarter community.

TritonFit is a resistance training system that takes away all the excuses. It is only five pounds, can easily fit over the shoulder and into most luggage, and doesn’t require a wall or door jamb to work. Best of all, it provides an extremely effective full-body workout for the on the go lifestyle.

“Coming in to use TritonFit, I was a little skeptical,” Jake Peterson, a former Division 1 football player and elite Los Angeles fitness professional admits, “I didn’t think that something so small could actually work. Within five minutes of using TritonFit, my muscles were on fire, my core was activated, I was struggling to stabilize and I was working hard. I was very impressed with TritonFit.”

The Kickstarter campaign will give the public exclusive access to this innovative portable workout system while allowing Mark and Robert to get TritonFit into full production. No longer will people be confined to the gym to get a body-altering workout. It can effortlessly be taken on a business trip, to the top of a mountain or to the beach.

The TritonFit portable workout system uses gym-quality materials and includes one multi-purpose bar with expansion features, two ergonomic dual-purpose handles, a machine-washable, one-size-fits-all harness, and a set of resistance bands that attach via a patent-pending clip system. Through its unique and versatile design, TritonFit can be reconfigured to provide the user with more than 100 different workout options with up to 600 pounds of resistance.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will have a variety of enticing rewards available to them. The first backers will get TritonFit for 50% off the retail price of $250—and there are only 50 Super Early Bird spots available, so time is of the essence. 

TritonFit was developed to fill a fitness need that many people face today: it allows them to get an intense workout anywhere and everywhere they go without having to pay for a gym membership. This is not a fitness gimmick; anyone from a novice to a professional athlete can use it to get incredible results that can rival any gym workout. 

Best of all, the TritonFit portable workout system that is available on Kickstarter is only the beginning. In the future, there are plans for additional game-changing expansions, such as an ab exerciser combined with a push-up feature, a custom hanger for easy storage, weight inserts for the bar, and even a deep tissue massage therapy option.

TritonFit will be available on Kickstarter beginning May 25 for 60 days. For exclusive information about the Kickstarter campaign, visit the TritonFit website here or contact the creators below. 

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