Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard for Teenagers pays a tribute to youth

Things cannot stay the same. People are familiar with electric scooters but the existence of Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard makes you unique. It can be a vehicle for your daily commuting and also can be the tool for enriching your life.

The aspiration of young boys and girls is to have a passionate life. Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard gains popularity since its appearance. No matter it is used for transporting means or for entertainment as a tool, users of Airwheel M3 skateboard become unique and different from others.

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The only hobby of Carmen, a freshman in college, is to ride skateboard. She is so delighted with the self-balancing air board M3 that she could hardly bear to put it down. She describes that M3 skateboard is suitable for daily transporting and easy to carry. Small size of 192mm?790mm?369mm and light weight of 11.55kg make it very portable. When walking up and down stairs, Carmen always holds her adorable skateboard with one arm.

Airwheel M3

In spite of dormitory, classroom or dining room, Carmen can ride M3 electric air board to the place she wants to go. With the books in hand, Carmen free shuttles in the campus. Most of the passers-by throw their eyes to the cool and fantastic drifting. Even the roads of her college are bumpy and uneven, she can safely pass it since the customized tires of M3 motorized skateboard possess the features of skid proof, strong road holding ability and wide tire design.

Airwheel M3

With the 2.4G handhold wireless remote control, Carmen can steer M3 electric skateboards back or forth and the remote control takes in charge of changing speed and steering directions. The smartphone APP can show the real-time data such as speed, miles, battery usages etc. The surfing world is completely connected by the APP.

Airwheel M3

More importantly, the decals attached on the deck can be DIY, or choose from the customization or the ready-made. It’s a unique way to show the personality. If you have seen the decorations of Carmen’s skateboard, you must be surprised for its amazing outlook. It is certain that if you have M3 skateboard, you will also hardly bear to put it down.

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