Do Ride Share Services Make Good Designated Drivers?

The rise in ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft make it easier and more affordable than ever to catch a ride home when it feels like you’ve had a little too much to drink. It’s as easy as pressing a button on an app and waiting for the ride to show up.

But what happens when the person you trust with your safety is under the influence when they arrive to drive you home?

Cases such as this have been reported all over the country, and may give you reason to think twice before getting into any Uber or Lyft driver’s car.

Earlier this year in Austin, Texas, one horrified passenger watched from the back of the Lyft car he hired as the driver was pulled over and arrested on DUI charges. The scary part is that it wasn’t the driver’s first offense.

Brian D. Sloan is a DUI Defense Attorney based in Phoenix, Arizona. He says incidents like this should not completely scare people away from using these ride services, but should inspire them to be a little more aware when using Uber or Lyft. He has a few key pointers for passengers:

• If your driver shows up and seems like he or she has been drinking, don’t get in. You may notice the smell of alcohol on their breath or slurred speech. Use your app to request a new car and report the driver to the authorities as well as the ride service you are using.

• If you are in the vehicle and the driver is swerving or driving erratically, ask that person to pull over right away. Request a new driver and report the incident to the authorities and the ride service.

Consider the Odds

Sloan says it’s important to remember that the risk of an Uber or Lyft driver arriving drunk is relatively rare. The vast majority of people who use these services don’t have any issues whatsoever and both services attempt to screen drivers to avoid situations like the one mentioned earlier in this article.

When the choice comes down to hailing a ride service or driving yourself home under the influence, the smart choice is always hiring a driver.

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