Musgrove Distribution & Joshua Wiggins Presents: \”Simply Blessed Music Ministries\”

“We, the members of Simply Blessed Music Ministries, greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray that his blessings are upon you in this day. Our Founder, Current President and CEO, is Minister Joshua R. Wiggins SR. We are a volunte”
Musgrove Distribution announced the Highly Anticipated Maxi Single “Simply Blessed Music Ministries” is due to be released Worldwide June 10th 2016 on all Major Digital Outlets.

“It is a Privilege and an Honor to serve God in this capacity and we do not take lightly the unity that God has put together to minister his word through song. We have learned and experienced, and it is also documented in church history, and in Hebrew Worship, that ministering the word of God through song is an important factor in the proclamation of the gospel and is vitally important to the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ; therefore we continue in the faith to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his saving power in hopes to reach the world and nations to come, and prepare them for the coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory Amen’ said Joshua Wiggins.”

“They are a very well put together Praise Machine,” said Angela Culliver Executive Producer.

Simply Blessed Music Ministries

Simply Blessed Music Ministries was formed and organized on June 19, 2011. In the year, 2011, our founder, Minister Joshua R. Wiggins SR., was afforded the opportunity to sit on the Daytona Beach, Florida, Juneteenth Festival Committee.We are multi-cultured, multi-denominational and share one love, which is to edify God through the gifts and talents of singing, song writing, and expressing music via instruments, transforming the hearts of people to Jesus Christ.  Minister Wiggins had the task of fulfilling the festival with music, performing arts and entertainment throughout the day.

Many churches were contacted to begin the festival with praise, worship, and gospel music. The churches contacted were slow to respond and the ones that did respond were not available to participate at that time. Due to the fact of the slow response and the time drawing near of the event date, Minister Wiggins, along with his wife, Elder Lillie G. Wiggins, took the initiative to assemble a group of individuals they knew personally from previous engagements, in which they shared the professional platform with, in the Gospel Arena, to create a team of gospel musicians and singers that could come together in a short period of time, and minister in the word of God through song.

The Festival was a great success. Many people were blessed through the singing ministry and the group received, on that day, invitations to sing at other events and church functions. We met after the event and discussed in details of how to continue to fulfill the invitations to minister in song and thus, through this discussion, Simply Blessed Music Ministries was officially Birthed, Formed and Organized.

Our mission now is as follows:

“To Glorify Jesus Christ through Music, by allowing Him to use us, “Simply Blessed” as tools and instruments of praise to reach Nations by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Saving Grace!”

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