Pinole Mobile Tan Set to Take Over California

Pinole, CA – Pinole Mobile Tan, a premium tanning salon located in the sunny Californian city of Pinole, sets to remove the hassle of people from having to actually go to tanning salons. The company has recently announced it will be doing  mobile services where they offer their premium tanning products for people that would rather stay at home rather than book an appointment, get in their car, and drive to the actual tanning salon located in Pinole.

“We live in an age where people want premium service without the hassle of actually going to the place to get that premium service,” says Dawn Blackstock, the owner of Pinole Mobile Tan. “Spray tanning is the perfect service to offer a mobile solution for. For one, spray tanning is incredibly fast. Why should someone have to go through the entire hassle of driving to our Pinole tanning salon for a spray tanning when we could just drive to them and make it happen for them in the comfort of their homes? It just makes sense, and it is yet another reason why our customers choose Pinole Mobile Tan over our competitors. We think ahead.”

Pinole Mobile Tan will be offering their mobile spray tanning solutions to the entirety of the East Bay Area in California. The prospective customer will just have to make an appointment by booking through their website first for the mobile tanning salon to come out to their homes with their low cost and premium salon services.

Spray tanning has long been the way that top pop artists, models, movie stars and other people go from light skinned to a healthy dark skin in a matter of minutes. Tanned bodies have long been the style in the United States, and with the carpet unrolling with mobile tanning services such as what Pinole Mobile Tan will be offering their customers, there is no denying that the trend is here to stay in America.

The other benefit of spray tanning is that the client does not need to fear about skin damage from the sun. Things like skin cancer that can cause worries, and of course annoying sun burns that can cause pain. Spray tanning gets around all of these things, plus – as Pinole Mobile Tan says itself – it gets rid of all the time spent and needed to naturally sun tan by going to the beach yourself and laying down in the sun.

About Pinole Mobile Tan

Pinole Mobile Tan has been operating in and around the East Bay Area of California for a few years. They have just recently revamped their salon services to offer a mobile, on the go solution for their customers that are too busy to take advantage of the salon’s services at the salon’s actual physical location. This service and other services has positioned Pinole Mobile Tan to be the premiere service in the area.

For more information about the company, you can visit their about page here.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pinole Mobile Tan
Contact Person: Dawn Blackstock
Phone: 510-662-6769
Address:1564 A Fitzgerald #353A
City: Pinole
State: CA
Country: United States